Two Row ATV Planter

A two row ATV planter can be just what you’re looking for to plant and cultivate your land, assuming you have small acreage plot to work on. There are some advantages and disadvantages to using this kind of a product, which I’d like to go over with you in this article, so you can buy what you need as cheap as possible, while still maintaining good value. Also covered is pricing and some additional information that you’ll want to consider before you make your purchase. You’ll find them for sale online, in classified ads online and in the newspaper, and through auction sites. A two row ATV planter can be a farmer or hunter’s best friend for making food plots.

Pros and Cons

This is important to consider. If you are committed to a double row product and don’t want a single or three row planter, there are some drawbacks and benefits that I’d like to go over with you.

Speed: If you’re planting or cultivating a small food plot of corn, soy, clover, or even a garden, you’ll find that it’s much faster than working by hand or with a gas powered tiller or small cultivator. On the flip side, it’s not nearly fast enough to replace a large, farm version that’s pulled behind a tractor.

Pull with Anything: Don’t have a four wheeler? That’s okay! Two or three row planters can be pulled by an ATV, riding lawn mower, small tractor, powerful go cart, and some other things. This makes it a little more versatile for many sportsmen and hunters. Hook it up to the hitch and go.

Low Maintenance: They are very simple in design, so all you have to do is limit the rusting of the steel. As long as the tines remain straight and true, it’s good to go for use.

Pricing: They are relatively cheap by comparison to other products, so they provide a good value to anyone looking at wildlife management or planting for deer hunters.

Typical Uses of 4 Wheeler Two Row Planters

Food Plots: Hunters and sportsmen looking at wildlife management love to use them for planting corn, clover, soybeans, and other types of food sources for animals.

Gardens: They make quick work of tilling and cultivating and are much more efficient than a hoe or rototiller.

Farm Use: Only for very small tracts that aren’t accessible by tractor or larger equipment.

Pricing a Four Wheeler Planter

Look at the price and compare them to other similar makers. There are multiple manufacturers, like Summit, BruteBuster, and Midwest Wildlife that can make quick work of your fieldwork. Pricing is easy, as long as you make a good comparison and check out reviews of previous owners. Be sure to check out warranties as well with your 2 row ATV planter for sale when sowing seeds for planting.