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Two Rules Of Success

The main focus of this article is success. And two of the rules that will make that success possible will be discussed. There are many books on the subject and many of them have been around for over a hundred years. The question becomes, then, why are not more people successful? These two paramount rules may lead to an answer to this question.

The first rule is determination, the individual must make up his or her mind as to what is they want to accomplish. The moment you decide the universe goes to work in your favor. This universal mind is not respecter of person. If does not matter whether you are Black, White or green, if you apply these two rules you are on your way. Once you make up your mind, it is imperative that you see yourself as you wish to be. For instance it you want a new car you must know why you want this car and how it will impact your life. Immediately, start to act as if you already have the vehicle of your choice and will come into your experience.

If you doubt that your mental vibrations will call your wish into existence YOU WILL FAIL. There must be no doubt in you mind at any time that will not succeed. On of the best ways to facilitate this is by affirmation both in words and deeds. Use a picture book with what you want and refer to it often to reaffirm your belief that you can succeed. Joel Olsten has a wonderful video on the Power Of Belief of which I will include. Norman V. Peale has an excellent book on Positive Mental Attitude, and of course the legendary Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich are all helpful to your as you make your path to success.

The Bible has a passage, “as a man believes so is he or she”
So, you have tried some of the method in the books mention, but were unsuccessful. The question to use is this; did you have a burning passion for the success? The type of passion the character in Shaw Shank Redemption had when he was digging his way out and made the great escape to a freedom the other prisoners could not imagine Bob Marley the world famous reggae performer, says “we must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, none can do it but ourselves. We are talking about imagination and belief.
Gladys Knight has a spectacular rhythm and blues recording “ I Got To Use My Imagination. Paraphrasing, the lyrics are I got to use my imagination to make the best of a bad situation.
Must people are unaware of the bad or good situation they find themselves in is of their own making. The thought that you are thinking at this moment is creating what may at some point in your life be classified, as either good are bad. Regardless of the outcome it was your thought that created the circumstances Therefore if you are in a situation that is not preferable, then with your thought you can change it. The phrase use by William Walker Atkinson is “ I will and I can” Affirmed on a regular basis with some action toward that end. Many people have forgotten the popular entertainer Michael Jackson in one of his song claims “ if you want a change start with the man in the mirror” Belief, which is the second rule, is useless without application. You the individual must send out some intensive and positive vibration into the universal mind and it will answer you at a level that you can operate. The Bible implies, “Ask and you shall receive” It does not say ask and you may receive. The Bible makes a positive statement of fact. So, if you ask and don’t receive what happen? First you probably had some doubt base on previous times you had asked and did not receive. Ok! Lets look back, when you ask did you do it with expectancy or non-expectancy. If educators would educate in the way the words in defined then more people would be successful. What is this you may ask? Education is derived from a French word meaning to draw out the natural ability of an individual. What the educator does is attempt to put something in that may not be natural to you; consequently you are at odds with yourself. At this point each person has what he or she need to become successful. You know you need to determine what it is you want and believe you can make it happen and the universe will assist you at every turn.

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