Types Of Chemicals

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Chemicals are anything made of matter. It can be liquid, solid, gas or even water. They can be toxic and hazardous. Some of the chemical symbols are included in the Periodic Table which is also known as the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. This table displays all of the known 118 chemical elements. It is organized by the chemicals atomic structures. The periodic table is used by chemists and research scientists for example as it allows them to predict how various chemicals go into certain chemical compounds. Chemical compounds are pure chemical substances made of two or more chemical elements which can be made into smaller bits or parts by certain chemical reactions.

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The Various Chemicals:

Of the 118 chemical elements only 91 are known to be found naturally on the earth. Then three others occur naturally on earth but only on an occasional basis. The remainder was made using human technology. Some examples of chemical elements on the periodic table are Hydrogen or H, Oxygen or O or Nitrogen or N. Of the known chemicals some are considered to be pure. These chemical substances that are considered to be pure are gold or sodium or a diamond. It is chemical reactions that do the converting of one chemical into another substance. And experiments continue to get different chemical compounds to use as fuel so a scientist looks to make new fuels using laboratory reagents, or reactivos para laboratorio in Spanish, to see how their other substances react.

Dangerous Chemicals:

You can find dangerous chemicals in your home such as hydrochloric acid. One common name of reagents for chemical laboratory is the chemical, or reactivos de laboratorio de quimica in Spanish, compound which is hydrochloric acid which is a corrosive mineral acid for industrial uses. Hydrochloric acid is used for industrial uses such as one of the substances used in make polyurethane which is used in the advertising banners you see hanging all over. It is also used to make vinyl chloride for the manufacture of PVC. In your home it might be used to clean the pool. However hydrochloric acid forms an acid mist which has a corrosive effect on your skin or eyes or respiratory organs. So handle this chemical very carefully.


Pesticides are also potentially dangerous chemicals or contain dangerous chemicals. Many of the more dangerous ingredients in pesticides have been banned in the US. However some of the older forms of pest control are still hanging around. As children like to explore make sure these chemicals are safe from their exploring hands and mouths. In recent years pesticides have become more earth friendly because some of the more toxic chemicals are no longer in them.

Benign Chemicals:

As time passes more laboratories are involved in creating green or benign chemicals which of course are not the pure chemicals but instead chemical compounds which have been created in a laboratory. As on the periodic table of which 24 chemicals have been created by human processes it is always possible for scientists to create other and new chemicals that in the future may be included in the periodic table.

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