Types of Genoiplasty

Genoiplasty or cosmetic chin surgery is a surgical procedure done to advance, recess, raise, or lower chin. The chin, one of the most important parts of the human face, forms a delicate balance with nose and gives a sharp and strong facial appearance. A too weak or recessed chin can detract from facial beauty. Genoiplasty can correct a small and deficient chin and also to make the lower face look vertically longer or shorter, depending on the individual needs.

Types of Genoiplasty

There are mainly two types of cosmetic surgical procedures for the chin — implant surgery and bony chin surgery.

Implant Surgery: The chin is augmented by placing a prosthetic chin implant which is usually made of silicone. Chin implants are the method of choice only for small augmentations with subtle advancements of 5 mm or less and not for larger advancements. Implant selection is based on the desired augmentation..

Bony Chin Surgery: Bony chin surgery, otherwise known as chin osteotomy or sliding genioplasty, is a popular option for correcting bone deformities. This is a versatile procedure is used for chin augmentation as well as reduction. Size can be significantly reduced or enlarged by precisely cutting of the bone of the chin and moving it to the proper location. This method is useful for patients with imperfect bite, mentalis muscle strain, or dimpling of the chin.

The surgeon will decide on the suitable approach and method after evaluating the photographs that provide frontal and lateral view of chin. The position of the chin and overall dimensions of the face are critically measured and compared. Based on this, digital morphing of the chin is carried out and anticipated changes are proposed and reviewed.

Both procedures when performed by a plastic surgeon experienced in cosmetic procedures can provide very good results with minimal risk, pain or discomfort.

Who is a Good Candidate for Genoiplasty?

Genioplasty can be performed on a person who is healthy and has no serious medical issues. Good candidate for chin surgery includes

– Individuals whose facial bones have attained physical maturity
– Those with a weak or receding chin
– Those with a small chin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour

It is also important that the person has realistic expectations about the results.

Genioplasty may be performed as a standalone procedure or to complement to other procedures such as face lift, neck lift, cosmetic nose surgery or other cosmetic facial procedures.