Ubuntu is for writers.

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Ubuntu is a great operating system for writers. There are a lot of software programs for writers, all free of charge.

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FocusWriter is a great text editing tool. It saves in rtf, odt, and text format. The best thing about FocusWriter is the lack of distractions. All of the toolbars and menus are hidden offscreen. A feature I like is goal setting. It will tell you what percentage of your goal you have reached for that days writing goal. There are timers for timing brainstorming or writing sessions. There is a spell checking feature built-in.

RedNotebook is a full featured journal software. You can keep your daily journal in one place. You can tag and search your entries.

Nitro can keep all of your tasks organized. You can make a to-do list and break down complicated writing tasks into manageable bites. You can syncronize Nitro with Dropdown or UbuntuOne and access your tasks from multiple locations.

WritersCafe2 is great for fiction writing. It includes a powerful plotting tool and a scrapbook for ideas. There is a pinboard for notes. It can give you writing prompts and includes a name generator. The package even has ebooks on writing.

Goldendict is a great dictionary that you can use offline. This tool will come in handy when Google searches don’t yeild exactly what you want.

Celtx is a great tool for screenwriters.

ZimWiki is another tool for organizing notes and pages of information.

Calibre is an ebook tool. It allows you to convert formats such as ODT and RTF into major ebook formats.

LibreOffice is a a great set of applications. LibreOffice Writer and LibreOffice Base are easy to use and can be used to organize notes and create finished drafts.

Ubuntu is a great platform for writers. All of the tools are free and the operating system is free. You can turn an old or new laptop into a great writing platform.

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Ubuntu is for writers., Seekyt
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