News UC inthe Cloud Brings Solid Business Benefits

UC inthe Cloud Brings Solid Business Benefits


We have got used to the ubiquitous nature of cloud and it seems that everything that ought to be in the cloud is already there. Unified Communications or, UC, is not untouched by this phenomenon and there is a huge demand for UC in the market. UC is now an integral part of business phone systems that use VoIP as the communication tool.

There is demand for UC based collaboration, videoconferencing along with integration of the business applications so that all the workers are able to communicate irrespective of their device, location and time. Several organizations around the world are still in their transitional phase as far as their communication system is concerned i.e. they are slowly replacing their old PSTN telephone systems with the latest cloud based telephony system. UC platforms are being used for voice and message based communication. The businesses that have some experience with cloud based services are bound to opt for the cloud communication systems.

Recent surveys and market studies have revealed that the UC market is going to grow at a rate 16 percent globally till the year 2016. This growth is being driven by the market demand for cloud based applications and services; cloud based communication becomes a natural choice for the companies. Just like any other cloud service like data storage infrastructure or software, the benefits offered by cloud UC too is notvery clear to the enterprises. In this article, we are going to have a better look at the benefits that cloud UC offers to companies across the globe.

Cost savings
Organizations are always on the lookout to find new ways of reducing capital expenses so that they are able to improve their bottom-line. Now, migrating from the CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) to OPEX (Operational Expenditure) is the driving force behind choosing cloud UC. You will never have to invest in software and equipment and only a subscription cost will help you to avail the hosted UC system. Thus, your monthly cost would be predictable and you will be able to save a lot of money.

Flexibility and Scalability
Cloud UC offers ultimate flexibility when it comes to adding, removing or changing users as well as services. The best thing is that you will not even have to spend a penny on making changes to the infrastructure or adding new lines. Scalability will be extremely simplified with adoption of cloud UC.

If you are concerned about redundancy and disaster recovery then cloud UC is the best solution for your business. Cloud UC offers regular backups, off-site hosting and 24/7 monitoring, which will take care of all your disaster recovery concerns.

The providers of cloud UC services carry out tasks like infrastructure creation, services, applications that helps you to free up space in the IT departments and your personnel will be able to focus on the core business processes.

Now, you will be able to realize all the benefits only if you wish to completely outsource your UC functions instead of going for a hybrid cloud model (you get to retain the infrastructure and run the UC on it).

While choosing a cloud service provider, you should never really be overwhelmed with the idea of entrusting UC functions to the third party service provider. You will just need to do a little research and find the company that has the best security set up in place.

UC inthe Cloud Brings Solid Business Benefits
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