UCAS Clearing Search Made Easy

The Application Process

1. The applicant has to complete the form mailed by UCAS to students qualified for clearing. To guide the applicant with the process and other information sources, a leaflet will be included
2. Search for available slots in universities or colleges. The list will be available in the UCAS website or the media.
3. Contact the colleges or universities with available slots and talk to them about your interest for application through clearance.
4. If the university or college asks you to send the clearance form, this is a good sign as they may offer you the course.
5. After much thought on which course to choose, inform UCAS about your choice. A confirmation letter will be sent to you once everything is finalized.

How to know which Courses are in Clearing

The Clearing search list for all universities or colleges with vacancies will be available on the UCAS website. For Scottish vacancies, the list will be published August 4th, when the results for Highers and Advanced Highers are released. For the rest, the list will be published when the results for A level are released on August 18th. On the same day, The Telegraph newspaper will also post the list.

Important dates in Clearing

UCAS accepts new applications for Clearing until end of business day on September 20th. You can view the Clearing search list on their website until September 30th. Other clearing vacancy inquiries should be directed to the university or college directly after this date. You have until October 25th to send your application to your chosen university or college.

UCAS Clearing Search – A few Important Tips

1. Be available
Since this is your second and last chance to get into university, do not take it for granted. Make sure that you are home when the admission tutors call you so you can discuss your options.

2. Think about other possibilities
Reconsider your other fields of interest. They may even turn out better than your first choice.

3. Be ready with questions
When the admission tutor or even the university or college calls you, it is best that you have a list of questions to make sure you are asking the right ones. Also include in your notes anything that you may want them to know about you to help you get the slot.

4. Take your time but don’t procrastinate
Take your time in thinking about which course or offer to accept but don’t take too much time or else you will run out of choices. There are a lot of applicants like you who are also eager to get into university so you may lose a slot.

5. Smile
Relax and don’t stress yourself out too much on the clearing process. This is not yet the real thing. You’re just getting started.

UCAS Clearing Search Summary

To talk about their application of seek advice on Clearing, applicants may contact UCAS at 0870-1122211. Trained career advisers of Onelife advisers are also available discuss the choices to help applicants at 0808-1008000. They have access to your complete application through the online database to better assist you.