UK Wooden Toys For Child Development

There are different varieties of toys available throughout the market and therefore it becomes very difficult for parents to get hold of the right toys for their toddlers or babies. It is believed by a large number of parents that unless a certain toy can flash, buzz, beep and grab the attention of a baby in some wonderful or weird manner, it is not a good toy for the baby. So, what about the traditional toys of the yesteryear? UK wooden toys are still considered safe and educational for babies in spite of the great popularity of the modern and the more advanced toys. In order to understand the effectiveness of a wooden toy in the development of a child, you will need to have a very clear understanding of the basics of child development.


Fine Motor Skills

These are basically small muscle movements- the ones occurring in detailed eye to hand coordination like picking a very small object from the ground. Parents need to have understanding and patience to teach fine motor skills to their child. Getting hold of these skills also requires practice and time. These skills are generally constructed on four important skills and they are reaching out to various objects, holding or grasping objects, rotating the wrist in varied directions and releasing various objects deliberately. Good quality UK wooden toys that can be used for developing the fine motor skills of a child are shape sorters, wooden puzzles and wooden dolls and puppets.

Cognitive Development

This type of development generally focuses on the learning procedure of a child. The development is also related to the fact that how a child processes information. A child’s mind development involves mental imagery, language, reasoning, thinking, memory development and problem solving. These are some of the most important skills that a child needs to learn. This is because cognitive development is in no ways an automatic procedure. Puzzles, shape and color sorters and stackers are the perfect tools that can help in developing the cognitive skills of a child from a very early stage in life. The child also learns eye-hand coordination when playing with these toys. There are several battery operated and modern toys that can be used for developing the cognitive skills of a child. However, there is nothing that works better than UK wooden toys found traditionally.

Gross Motor Skills

These skills involve larger muscles of the body, legs and the arms-the ones used for lifting, kicking, running and walking. These skills are also related to the awareness of the body along with strength, balance, speed and reaction. Wooden toys that help in stimulating the development of gross motor skills in children include the ones with hammers like DIY sets or ball pounders and riding toys.

Social Skills

It is important for a child to acquire social skills during his or her growing years. Some of the best toys that can be used for this purpose are the household wooden objects used by the older members of the family. These include kitchen equipment, musical instruments, tills, phones and tool boxes.