Ultimate Reality Floods Conscious Awareness With Emotions

Emotions, Muddy Rivers Into Conscious Awareness

Our emotional lives are messes, let’s face it, some managed better than others, but messes just the same. Pleasurable messes that soak conscious awareness with silt and fog.

We admire people who seem to master the sloppy morass of love, hate, desire and passion without getting too wet. It’s not something many of us do well. Most of us muck around in emotion like cows stuck in a quagmire.

Of course, we, like the cud chewers, indulge in the sloppiness of it all. But evolutionary theory has a long way to go in explaining why emotional abundance has been pumped into our genes. Like what do we need it for?

Intelligent design or natural selection, what does it matter? How did we end up with this mess?

Theresa Lucero
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Emotional Guidance for Conscious Awareness?

If our feelings are guidance systems, as a burgeoning fraternity of New Agers insist, they’d be more precise and us better interpreters. Now, it’s like getting to a crossroad and hearing a mumbling meander about choices.

Objectively, shouldn’t we be able to talk about how muddy emotions in something more engaged than a them-us dichotomy? We routinely refer to our feelings as influences detached from (even enemies of) conscious awareness, don’t we?

Emotions are deeply rooted in ultimate reality. They reach us by crossing dimensions with feeling tendrils that touch our hearts and minds. We experience them close up because that’s where our conscious awareness finds them.

We get the pulse of ultimate reality at its extremities, the surfaces of our aware lives. When someone says they’re not sure of their feelings, they’re not just uncertain, but they show us how much trouble our conscious awareness has with understanding the messages we get.

The Buds of Ultimate Reality Soak Into Conscious Awareness

Our feelings are partial, tips of the rosebud, and we’ve barely begun to hike down the stem that rests in ultimate reality. The evolution of human nature didn’t invent emotional or spiritual qualities. They flood into our conscious awareness as things already there, pouring out of ultimate reality.

Our confusion, our muddling about definitions, is just what you’d first get when you discover anything really new and different.

What’s surprising is how much we accept without thinking too much about it or debating. We take our every emotional pulse as real and straightforward, even if sometimes unacceptable. Emotions bubble into conscious awareness, and we tag them with names and qualities.

Like language, which accumulates variations as it percolates around the globe, the emotional stuff must be interpreted too. Language isn’t communication. It’s a tool of communication. Emotions are tools too. They aren’t the stuff of ultimate reality but a version we have half a chance to get a grip on.

Nirvana: The Lotus Makes the Flower Bloom from Among Mud
Nirvana: The Lotus Makes the Flower Bloom from Among Mud
Masaho Miyashima
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Underneath, there is the raw power that gets us to live actively and tell our stories accented with feeling. Just like with spoken and written languages, we’re limited by the inadequacies of our devices. Conscious awareness tries to give us a seamless, manageable vision of what we’re feeling.

Next chapter, we’ll do an experiment that explains it better and shows us how we can use our everyday power to improve our emotional lives.

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