Ultra Sling 2

The UltraSling 2 is a great device to immobilize your arm when you have surgery. I had a SLAP tear repair on November 27, 2013. After the surgery I was placed in an Ultra Sling 2 that my insurance company got from somewhere out west, but I have found them on places like Amazon.com for a reasonable price. In my opinion it is a comfortable device that keeps your arm at your side when you are not allowed to move it. The straps are holding up well and are keeping everything completely still like its suppose to. I have slept with it every night since the surgery and it has not bothered my sleeping habits. The fact that I had surgery and that I am in pain from that keeps me awake, but the Ultra Sling 2 has not been a contributing factor in why I wake up at night. The only problem that I have encountered with the Ultra Sling 2 is that I can not put a coat on and zip it up. This is because the sling has a big pillow under your arm to hold it in place. This is a big problem for me due to the fact that it is snowing outside, and without being able to zip up my coat, I get a little cold. This problem is not because of the sling, but is because I personally like to be warm! haha.

For anyone that needs to be placed in an arm immobilizer, the Ultra Sling 2 is a great medical device to do the job. Make sure to check on online retailers such as Amazon.com to find a great deal on the product!

It is also a wise decision after surgery to make sure you have someone to assist you with putting the device on and off when you need to take a shower, or do your exercises. I attempted to do it myself the other day and ended up having to take my medication in order to get rid of the pain i caused from trying to do it myself. Its definatly a painful experience to try to do by yourself.

if you have any questions about my experience with the ultra sling 2 please feel free to leave a comment! i will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you for reading and I hope you do not ever have to use one of these helpful devices!