News Unbreakable wholesale canvas prints with high enough resolution

Unbreakable wholesale canvas prints with high enough resolution


Basically, canvas prints are ideal to recreate the appearance of acrylic paintings or oil paintings onto the gallery-wrapped or stretched canvas. They can be customized with a number of images or with your personal images according to your requirements. Furthermore, these kinds of prints are used in the interior decoration to make your interior more gorgeous with excellent handwork. With the use of offset printing, print on canvas is nothing else but recreation of original work. The prints are somewhere connected to process of inkjet printing or dye sublimation. Poly canvas based on plastic or cotton is used as printing materials for these printings. After printing an image, the canvas is stapled onto a wooden panel or a stretcher bar or the professionals trims it to size and glued it.

Unbreakable wholesale canvas prints with high enough resolution

A frame made from soli pine is used to display the images. The use of wholesale Canvas prints take place to increase the 3D effects of the mounting prints. A home owner of a professional interior designer selects a printing to decorate home in order to add a smart and elegant appearance. Usually, a frame of pine is not visible, so the use of prints on canvas is a best and cheap alternative to the framed artwork. There is no need to treat or varnish them on daily basis. Apart from this, they are also available on polyester, cotton, linen, textures and with hand painted brushstrokers. It is optional to choose a stretch bar with different thickness such as 2cm, 3cm, 4cm etc.

Unbreakable wholesale canvas prints with high enough resolution

Therefore, superb quality canvas is used in printing to ensure a print of image lasting for a long time. With wide format color printer of Roland RS640 & Mutoh ValueJet, the prints are provided on the canvas with a weight ranging from 260gms to 400gsm. Dye inks or eco solvent inks are used for these printings that are environment friendly and smudge free. Furthermore, they provide water resistant prints with 6 or 4 color processing. Moreover, giclee prints is a type of these printings that are produced from giclee printing processes that include scanning of an image with CMYK format.

Unbreakable wholesale canvas prints with high enough resolution

Another thing includes that the professionals take premium quality digital photo to transfer them on the canvas. In order to hang them on the walls, the prints are stretched onto the frames made with wooden. Using wide format printers, the images are reproduced on the canvas with high resolution. This method is used by various professional photographers and digital artists to present their art gallery in a nice and best way. With their natural texture, the prints look similar to original oil paintings with excellent color and visual effects. Furthermore, the canvas is highly durable, dust proof, water proof and unbreakable.

Unbreakable wholesale canvas prints with high enough resolution
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