Understand How to Select and Care for Your Motorcycle Battery

For motorcycle riders, there’s nothing better than the rushing wind and the thrill of the road; unfortunately, when riders are unprepared, the road can transform into an isolated environment, thanks to battery issues that can strand them without wheels. To lower the risk of unforeseen problems, it’s vital that you choose the right battery and care for it in the proper manner.

Selecting the correct battery

When motorcycle owners purchase batteries, they don’t usually factor in their location on a map; however, when it comes to deciding on the right battery, where you live can be one of the most important things to consider. If you live in Wisconsin, Canada or the Pacific Northwest, you may not need an extended-life battery, because cooler temperatures tend to promote longer battery life. On the other hand, if you live in the southern half of the country, you should purchase a battery that lasts longer; as high temperatures tend to suck the proverbial ‘life’ out of batteries.

That said, even if you shell out a lot of money for the best battery on the market, you shouldn’t expect it to last more than three to five years. Because batteries tend to fail toward the end of their lives, it’s important for riders to switch them out quicker rather than later.

Don’t forget your charger

Most bikes have alternators that use gas to charge their batteries while the motorcycle is running. Unfortunately, just like every other mechanism on a bike, these sometimes fail. When they do, motorcycle owners don’t get any type of real warning. If you remembered to bring your charger along with you on your trip, a problem like this won’t slow you down very long. That said, if you didn’t bring it along, you may be forced to hitchhike or call someone for help.

Be safe while charging

When the road calls, riders don’t want to be stuck in their garages servicing their batteries; unfortunately, if you hurry through the charging process, you could suffer a serious injury. Don’t compromise your ability to enjoy your bike by taking unnecessary risks. Even if you own the most expensive charger and battery, you should take the time to employ the proper safety strategies. Protective clothing, gloves and goggles can stop accidental acid discharge from burning the eyes and skin. Additionally, savvy motorcycle owners keep baking soda nearby to neutralize acid in the event that some spills on the floor or touches the skin.