Understand the main Features of a Key Register System

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A key register system is very important, especially, to automotive and motorcycle dealerships. This is a system that is designed to accurately track vehicle keys, personnel, prospects and vehicle locations. This makes it an important tool that can be used to reduce cases of car theft in auto dealerships. Again, with such a system, it is possible to keep track of the keys that have already been registered to be in the system and the ones that are missing.

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Auto dealerships use this type of a system to track vehicle keys and locations both. Basically, this is a computer system whereby one logs in details about a car key taken and returned. If a key is taken for use with a car, the system shows that the key has been taken. That specific key register will be able to pin the location of the vehicle for which the key is normally used. With proper tracking using such a system, dealerships are able to cut down on losses that come as a result of key loss or theft. In view of these aspects, it is good to appreciate the features that come with a key register system. Here is a look at some of them.

  • DMS Integration- Most of these types of systems available in the market today offer key register customers the ability to import information about a specific type of vehicle into the system. With a database featuring a link between cars and keys, it is much easier to handle tracking jobs from a technology point of view.
  • Fingerprint technology- Many of these systems in the modern day also come with fingerprint technology which feature biometric abilities. The speed of system use is also largely increased because people simply need to place their finger on the scanner and the system will authenticate and authorize them to access the register. On the other hand, this innovative biometric authentication offers ultra-secure inventory management.
  • License Scanner- There is a large number of key systems that offer you the option to purchase the driver license scanner. This, then, makes it easy to obtain prospect details by simply scanning their licenses. Systems are intended to offer effectiveness of service and this is definitely a benefit that this type of a system offers you.
  • Parking Location- Lastly, parking location is another major feature of this key system. This simply means that the software is able to manage the location of every vehicle registered in the system and also the parking lot where it is located. With this information, it is able to provide users the key tags to all vehicles that they might be interested in.

For anyone looking for a versatile key register system, this is the best option to settle for. Most of these systems in the market today offer networking options and are capable of securing up to 250 keys per drawer. Other than asset management and accurate key tracking, the register also offers a range of features that are vital to the users. In order to get the best service from the use of this type of a system, it is also advisable to invest in a security camera, fingerprint reader, driver license scanner and a key cabinet or drawer.

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Understand the main Features of a Key Register System, Seekyt
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