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Understanding Anatomy: A Guide to Your Workout

Before going through a workout routine, it is important that you get to know your anatomy first. This is a good way of making sure that your exercise routine is perfect for you. Some exercises are also specifically created for certain parts of the body and it is important to know what they are in order for your health to be well-enhanced. A good fitness routine is also needed because of a couple of reasons such as:

• It boosts your adrenaline levels and increases your endorphins or happy hormones. Therefore, it makes you feel good and makes you feel more energetic.

• It sharpens your brain. Once you are energetic and full of life, you will notice that you feel more inclined to do what you need to do and you know that you can do those things with full conviction because your brain is working well.

• Exercising is good for the health because it prevents Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. No one wants to grow old and forget about their lives and that’s why it is important to exercise. By exercising, you are able to stimulate your brain and help it to become sharper.
What is anatomy?

Anatomy is the term given to the composition of your body—your organs, systems and tissues. In layman’s terms, it is about understand what makes up your body to know which exercise routine is perfect for you.

For men:
Men are fond of turning their body into something that’s rock hard and sexy. Exercises for the abs, chest, arms, legs and shoulders are perfect for them. In short, exercises for the benefit of the whole body.

For women:
Women are keen on exercises that increase flexibility since they are naturally flexible and have naturally bendable bodies. Such exercises include Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese martial art but is now a common form of aerobics for women; Pilates, an exercise about building muscle strength and endurance; and Yoga, an exercise routine that not only nourishes your body physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well.

As you can see, men and women prefer different types of exercises. There are also exercise routines that are meant for specific parts of the body. Here are some of those:

• For the abs: You can try the 45 Degree Side Crunch, Alternating Heel Crunches and Bicycle Crunches. Crunches are good for the abs as it makes the abs firm and strong.

• For the arms: Bench Presses, Bench Dips, Bicep Curls and anything that involves barbells are good for building those biceps and triceps.

• For the back: The back is one of the most common parts of the body that suffers whenever you feel tired. To ensure that your back is in good health, try doing overhand presses, single arm presses, and anything that involves a dumbbell. Doing this will enhance your back’s strength.

• For the chest: Bench presses, inclined grip presses, Pec Decks, and underhand grip presses are perfect to get the perfect chest.

While most of the routines stated above are for men, women could also try doing the following:

• Single Leg Deadlift—this is best for strengthening your abs and legs, and your arms, at the same time.

• Side Plank—This is good for your abdominal muscles, especially the deep ones such as the obliques and transverse abodminus.

• Push-ups—one of the most simple and traditional ways of exercising. This is good for the entire body and that’s why it is one of the most recommended forms of exercises.

• Cardio Intervals—this is where you can run, then swim, and go cycling after. As the name suggests, it is good for the cardiovascular system.

• Triceps Extension—It is also important for women to strengthen their arms and that’s why this workout is good for them.

By knowing the right kind of exercise for your body, you are able to achieve good health. It is important to know what exercises can work for you so that you will not get too stressed out by trying too many different routines at once. If you are a newbie when it comes to exercising, it’s important that you understand your body well and know what routines are good for you. Good luck!

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