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Understanding Civil Engineering at a Glance

Civil Engineering is a broad definition for many engineering disciplines. The historic foundations of this profession are physics and mathematics, used in rectifying many social structural concerns that occur both physically and naturally. Civil Engineering needed by early human civilization, which needed shelter constructed; later this specialization was also used in the building of roads, bridges, ports, dams and roads. Many ancient structures represent civil engineering in their architecture. Historic architectures that used earlier forms of civil engineering and an understanding of mathematical and physical capabilities for human benefit included the Great Wall of China built by General Meng T’ien, The Appian Way created by The Roman and The Chichen Itza, a structural expression of The Maya people.

A Chartered Professional Engineer designation awarded to contractors in the field of civil engineering after completing a bachelor’s degree along with added qualifying work experience and tests. A professional board authorizes the degree program. Contractors have slightly different titles in the industry, in the Commonwealth contractors, a chartered professional engineer in the United States, Canada and South Africa, and a Europe engineer in Europe. Civil Contractors are often required to work in other countries and so there are special agreements that allow civil contractors to work in other countries. Civil contractors qualifications awarded in different countries can specify certain duties. The responsibilities of civil contractors can change depending on where they work. Contractors can choose which type of civil engineer they would prefer to qualify. Qualified civil contractors in Brisbane would find specializing in Transportation Civil Engineering advantageous. This is because the Brisbane authorities have noticed the need for expanding their roads, due to a growing population. Civil Engineer contractors once awarded masters qualification can also manage projects and must always comply with the legal requirements in the field, for example, building codes and environmental law.

Contractors use heavy machinery to carry out their jobs. Types of civil engineering contractors include:

• Structural Engineering- Contractors involved in the design and analysis of structures that support or resist loads.
• Architectural Engineering – Contract work in structure design and construction.
• Environmental Engineering- This type of civil contractor focuses at refining the air, water and land quality.
• Geotechnical Engineering- Focuses on the behaviour of earth materials.
• Geo Physics- This type of civil contractor focus on the physical processes, properties and study of the earth and space.
• Geodesy- Deals with the measurement and illustration of the earth and gravity.
• Control Engineering- It is the method of creating preferred actions from control theory.
• Earthquake Engineering- the scientific approach to protecting against earthquakes.
• Transportation Engineering- This is a scientific approach to improving transportation for the locomotion or people and merchandise.
• Earth Science- This encompasses all aspects of the science earth. Atmospheric Science- It is all about contractor’s study and effects of the atmosphere.
• Forensic Engineering- This is the study of structures that don’t work as planned.
• Materials Engineering- This is an innovation and design of new materials.
• Municipal or Urban Engineering- These are the tools of science in an urban setting.
• Water Resources Engineering- This is the supply, removal and management of water against floods, etc.
• Offshore Engineering- The design and construction of immobile structures located by sea.
• Aerospace Engineering- This is a science and technology of air and space craft.

Quantity Surveying- This involves the costs and contracts in construction.
Coastal Engineering- The scientific approach to protecting against flooding and erosion.

Ultimately we couldn’t function daily without the luxuries and security civil contractors provide. Sun Civil Constructions is a perfect example of such a team of civil engineers.

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