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What do we know about depression? Is depression hereditary? Is forgiveness important in overcoming depression? Can you treat depression with herbal medicine? Are signs of depression different in men than in women? What are some good quotes about depression? What can you learn from depression books?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions about depression, this article may provide some good answers.

Q: Is depression hereditary?

A: In some cases, depression may be a genetic disease, but there are more faces of this illness, and therefore, more causes of depression. Depression is not primarily a biological disorder, but if both parents are depression sufferers, it’s highly probable that their child will learn depressive life attitudes and behavioral habits. >> more about depression being hereditary

Q: How are depression and forgiveness related?

A: Most professional treating depression and books on depression mention forgiveness as an important step for overcoming depression. Forgiveness can sometimes be a hard thing to do, but it is liberating to both the mind and the soul. As it seems, these two concepts (depression and forgiveness) are very close concepts; for example, women with signs of depression usually blame themselves for many things that have been said or that have happened in life. >> more about the healing power of forgiveness in depression

Q: Can you treat depression with herbal medicine?

A: Of course, the first step for depressed people is to seek help and find a good doctor who can give them the proper diagnosis. First, you need to know what type of depression you’re suffering from, and then it can be decided whether you can treat your depression with home remedies. If your doctor recommends certain herbal remedies to calm you down or ease your depression, you still need to implement the treatment under professional guidance. >> more about herbal remedies for depression

Q: Are signs of depression different in men than in women?

A: The main examples of differences between male and female depression are the following: women blame themselves and men blame others; women feel sad, and men feel angry; depressed women avoid conflicts, men create them, women are slowed down, and men are restless. >> more about signs of depression in women

Q: What are some good quotes about depression?

A: Good depression quotes are sometimes hard to find. Depressed people, their family members and friends can benefit from reading depression quotes because they define depression in so many interesting ways. Sometimes, one good quote on depression may give the right insight into the illness. >> Quotes about depression >> Page 2 >> Page 3

Q: What can you learn from depression books?

A: Depression books won’t take depression away or offer a certain kind of treatment to make it disappear. You can benefit from reading books about depression by learning how to recognize the symptoms of depression, understanding its types and cause and different forms of treatment. Books on depression are not only for depressed people, but also for family, friends and professionals who want to learn more about depression.

Books on Depression – Reviews

  • The Mindful Way through Depression by Mark Williams et al.
  • Living with a Black Dog: His Name is Depression – Matthew Johnstone
  • The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression by William Knaus and Albert Ellis
  • Depression – Jennifer Roy
  • Depression – Judith Peacock and Jackie Casey
  • Depression – Constance L. Hammen
  • Understanding Depression – Patricia Ainsworth
  • Understanding Depression – Dr. J. Raymond DePaulo and Leslie Alan Horvitz

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You’ll find more authors (Gordon Parker, Kirk D. Strosahl & Patricia J. Robinson, Syd Baumel, Wess Burgess, Howard W. Stone, and M. Sara Rosenthal) in books on depression for depressed people and those who love them.

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