Understanding Kakistocracy

A Kakistocracy is a government by the very worst people. The word, Kaka, is Greek. It refers to the bulk products one expels into a toilet.

In a Kakistocracy the government is not corrupt, corruption is the form of governance. It is not that one perverts the course of justice by handing a bribe to a judge, it is that one insures justice by bribing a judge.

Jamaica, as other failed states, is a Kakistrocracy. The worst people are elected, appointed and entrusted. The best people are disqualified.

To put it simply, you could have drafted the law but will not be appointed to administrate it. The person appointed is either; related to a person in power, (whole blood, half blood, consanguinial, (either legally married or a bed filler), is owned and operated by a person in power, or has made a lot of $$ contributions to the Party in power, or holds secrets.

The people who live in the Kaka are used to it, expect it, and work to ‘play’ the system. They link to a person in power, they are willing to do anything and everything to gain a toe hold. They use every connection they can gain, and connect to people who have connections, and make themselves available to flesh out a simpleton rally.

They will vote against their interest to ‘please’ their master, and no matter what it is, from shooting other people, to blocking a road, they do what they are told. It is impossible to reason with these people. One is trying to reason with zombies.

To attempt to ‘clean up’ anything is a euphemism for replacing one set of thieves with another.

People will be born into an area and be a member of a particular political party. They will express commitment to that Party until they can leave the area or are killed. They can, when it is politically useful, approach the head of the Party to remove a member of the Party whose corruption does not benefit them, but to leave the Party alive is not likely.

Those who have money or power know how to please those they must, but do what they want. They can bribe who then need to, terrify those they must, and get what they want.

When there is a conflict, one needs to comprehend that escape is the best option. To fight may mean to die or wind up in prison. Unless one is on the front line, well armed and without choice, one runs.

Jamaica wasn’t always a kakistocracy. There was a time that although there was violence and conflict, there was a level of decency at the higher levels.

That has gone.

Decency slowly trickled away in light of political expedience. Persons who wanted to hold the ‘moral highground’ were discarded. Anyone who can not genuflect before the current leadership must be removed.

So the people at the bottom kill for crumbs dropped by those in power. Those in the middle try to walk a careful line unless they have been too closely linked to one side or the other. Then they must maintain the link, even verbally so as not to be thought a ‘traitor’.

Those at the top reap the rewards, and look to the VISA.