Understanding Moderation on Writing Sites

I am for moderation. I want someone to read my work before it is posted. I wouldn’t mind if someone pointed out my spelling/gramatical errors; as long as it isn’t someone who doesn’t know the difference between British English and American English and thinks when I write labour I have a ‘U‘ fetish.

However, when you have too few (or one Moderator) who isn’t particularly active, and articles languish for days, one can expect the items to be published elsewhere.

When writers publish elsewhere, that means the item on the hibernating site becomes a ‘copy’ . One expects the Mod to wake from his slumber and reject it because it is no longer ‘Original’.

Any owner of a site who has a backlog of more than 24 hours must instantly implement a policy in which more Mods are hired or particular writers are published immediatly due to their ‘track record’ so that only Newbies and less competent writers have their work viewed.

When the information concerning the slow pace of moderation on a particular site becomes available, usually via a post on another site, the last thing in the world the Moderator or Owner should do is attack the poster.

Firstly, it is clear that the fault lies in the Site’s corner. Hence blaming the writer whose work wasn’t moderated for the revelation only acts as a warning to others not to venture there.

Secondly, depending on the vocabulary and mentality of the Moderator or Owner, the attacks can have a seriously diliterious effect on the Site as a whole.

The Moderator who apologises, the Owner who explains in a concillatory manner will gain new posters. Those who resort to gutter language will not.

Moderated Sites attract higher ratings from Google, it is true. And Stumble Upon will be more ready to publicise an item on such a site. But moderation needs not only to be timely but ‘honest’.

On some sites the Mods have their favourites and play ‘tit for tat’. That is I moderate your item and push you to the front of the queue as a ‘spotlighted’ article, and you do the same for me. And those others whom I don’t like, be it their political leanings, social position or topics, No matter what the despised posts, it is buried on the last page.

There has to be a balance; a balance between having a moderator examine each article, and those being published automatically.

In this way a site can maintain a high standard.