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Understanding ‘Seek Error – Sector not found’ Fake Pop-Up Alert Description

If you are confronting fake pop-up alerts of ‘Seek Error Sector not found,’ then this article will help you in understanding the complete description of these fake alerts. The article also explains the preventive measures that you can take to get rid of the ‘Sector not found’ Fake Pop-Up Alerts.

What is ‘Seek Error Sector not found’ fake pop-up alert

The fake error message ‘Sector not found” develops because of a rogue defragmenter program called File Restore. File Restore comprises many clones that include programs with names like File Recovery and System Restore. These clone programs of File Restore use irritating error messages from the taskbar with the intention of scamming novice or inexperienced PC users. Fake error messages induce the novice PC users into believing that their machine has got infected with some virus or that there is some critical problem with hard disk drives of their system.

But as it is a fake alert so in real it doesn’t signify a potential hard drive failure rather it signifies that your computer has got infected with a nasty defragmenter application.

The rogue defragmenter application – File Restore and its clones not just create fake error messages but also cause other annoying symptoms in your computer.

Apart from displaying fake popup alerts like the ‘Seek Error Sector not found,’ the rogue defragmenter also creates the following hurdles in your computer or laptop:

• Poor system performance

• Slow loading of folders and files

• Frequent crashes

• Slow web browsing

• Redirecting to websites promoting fake security software

• Block or hide access to programs or files in your computer

How the Rogue Defragmenter Gets Installed?

‘Sector not found’ fake alert appears because of a rogue security program called File Restore. This fake defragmenter gets installed on a computer via social engineering tactics. Once, it gets installed it starts displaying fake alerts indicating a potential hard drive failure or other hard drive problems. It also runs fake system scan on the victim’s computer. Then it shows up fake reports that the victim computer has got severely infected. Next, it proposes security solutions that can resolve the existing issue. These are just scam tricks to convince the PC user in downloading expensive ‘full version’ of the rogue defragmenter.

How to get rid of the Rogue Defragmenter?

Malware researchers advise the PC users not to download these kinds of useless program. Instead, the PC user should try to stop the ‘Seek Error Sector not found’ fake alerts by using a reliable anti-malware program. By using a reliable anti-malware program, you can remove the fake defragmenter from your computer.

Sometimes, the rogue defragmenter remains hidden in memory and doesn’t allow you to access the Internet. As a result, you fail to download any antivirus program. That is how the defragmenter avoids detection and deletion. In that case, you can adopt the following options so that you can easily download your antivirus program.

• Use a removable media: Download the antivirus program on another clean computer. Then burn it to a USB flash drive or DVD/CD, or any preferred removable media. Now, install the antivirus on your infected computer and run the malware scanner.

• Start Windows in Safe Mode: You can reboot your computer in ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and then you can install your preferred antivirus program.

• IE Users: If you are an IE user, then you can use the proxy server to browse the web with Internet Explorer. Using the same method, you can also update your existing anti-spyware program.

Wrap Up

The ‘Seek Error Sector not found’ message appears when there is some hard drive problem in your system. But these messages are not always real. Many a times fake error messages appear on the computer screens. These fake error messages appear because of a rogue defragmenter called File Restore and its clones. To get rid of this malicious application, you must run a full system scan using a reliable anti-malware program.

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