Understanding the Features of an Air Screwdriver and Electric Screwdrivers

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Different production and maintenance jobs require different tools. It’s important to understand the features of the different assembly tools on the market. The following are features to consider when looking for an air screwdriver and electric screwdrivers.

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Features of a Quality Air Screwdriver

* Torque Range

A top supplier offers air screwdrivers from 1.5 In Lb to 264.0 In Lbs of torque range. This breadth of coverage means you can select a product that exactly matches your job requirement. Proper torque ensures you don’t damage the product you’re working on.

* High Accuracy

This is akin to the above point. You need good torque accuracy in addition to range to avoid damage to the final product. Therefore, look for an air screwdriver that has accuracy to within plus or minus 5 percent.

* Product Reliability Backed by Warranty

A top assembly tools company stands behind the advertised quality of their product. Their reliable screwdriver line comes with a standard one-year warranty. In addition, some models they sell offer up to three to five years of warranty coverage on the clutch.

* Competitively Priced

A quality product doesn’t mean you have to pay exorbitant prices. A leading supplier offers the lowest price on their torque testers. They typically offer high quality models at below $250 to suit budget-conscious buyers.

* Durability

A premier air screwdriver or pneumatic screwdriver has a time-tested design. Consequently, this provides repeatable results, day in and day out. The result is a durable product that performs optimally on a variety of work jobs.

Features of Quality Electric Screwdrivers

* Good Torque Control

Good torque control contributes to quality work, again without blemishing or damaging the product. Precise torque control in electric screwdrivers makes for more efficient and accurate production.

Consider a product with a dynamic motor brake that reduces torque reaction. Some models on the market today have a torque range of 0.5 – 40.0 in-lbs (0.5 – 4.5 Nm).

* Only Require Standard Power Sources

You can find high quality electric screwdrivers that operate on standard 115-volt AC current. They do not require a unique power source.

Look for a model that has a 115 V AC plug in with an integral 3 m cable. You can use the tool in diverse situations without searching for a special power source.

* Good Torque Range

Some models have a torque range of 0.2 In Lb to 41.0 In Lb. Another example of a torque range is 0.5 In Lb to 56 In Lb.

Some models of brushless electric screwdrivers have a torque range of 3.5 In Lb to 26 In Lb. There exist brushless types with a torque range of 0.2 In Lb to 16.5 In Lb.

* Easy Forward-Reverse

A nice feature of good electric screwdrivers is an easy forward-reverse mechanism. This means you only need one hand to change direction.

The forward-reverse toggle is easily accessible. Either the left or the right hand activates it smoothly. Some models on the market require two-handed changes in direction.

* Compact and Ergonomic

Ease and convenience of use is a hallmark of a good product. Compactness means a product being light and easy to handle. Ergonomic means experiencing less operator fatigue and muscle stress.

An air screwdriver and electric screwdrivers are assembly tools with diverse characteristics. Consider the features of each as you plan your work objectives at home or on the job. Quality assembly tools of these types will make your workday that much easier.

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Understanding the Features of an Air Screwdriver and Electric Screwdrivers, Seekyt
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