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Understanding UnderThrow

When it comes to ‘Overthrowing’ a government, it is pretty self descriptive. We can all envision armed militias, violence, even invasions. But ‘UnderThrow’ is a different story.

Many govenrments have been ‘Underthrown’, that is create dissension among the population so that they get rid of the unwanted leadership.

Underthrow does not begin with a landing force nor is it publicised. The ‘invaders’ are often acadmics, Peace Corps Volunteers, ‘harmless’ types, who watch and report.

With a bit of tweaking here and there average people can be formed into a mob and the mob utilised to cause the Government to be Underthrown the greatest discomfort.

Media Mouths can be bribed to say things in such a way to activate the mob, and little shortages turn into major situations.

In the ’70s the govenrments of Chile and Jamaica were underthrown by the CIA.

Today, astute eyes looking at Egypt must ponder, ‘why did all these people come into the street last year? How did they get into that Twitter feed? How did they get on someone’s texting list so that within minutes Tahrir Square could be filled?

And what were they protesting and what were they demanding?

We have all protested again something knowing what we wanted to replace it.
Normal people don’t just protest to protest.
Not unless they are being manipulated.

It is pretty clear that the entire Arab Spring was designed by Western Powers to destablise the North African region as well as the Middle East. It is very clear that the people had no real reason to want to change their governments because they had no alternative but chaos.

In Egypt they wanted to ‘end’ Mubarack’s rule; end Sixty years of a military dicatatorship and replace it with whom or what?
They didn’t know.

They only organised group that had existed was the Muslim Brotherhood, and surprise they came into office. After one year of chaos for democracy is an acquired taste, they people return to Tahrir Square and cheer the possibility that Mursi, the elected President, will be replaced by … a military dictatorship.

The West Underthrew the government of Mubarack, and after one year, it seems that the status quo ante will be regained.

And how many years for Egypt to regain the status it held in 2010?

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