Unemployed Get Free Food for Your Family

If you’re unemployed but blessed to live in the United States of America you have several options to get free food for your family. You have some of these options no matter where you live. Unemployed and no food for your family is a hard place to be but people come together around hard times and help each other through. Even though you’re unemployed you can get free food for your family from food kitchens and churches. Growing your own, government assistance, and hunting and fishing are some other options to get free food.

Sometime food kitchens stand alone but sometimes food kitchens and churches are one and the same. Food kitchens have been a source of free food and hope in their neighborhoods for years. They get donated food from restaurants, grocery stores, and individuals to feed the needy in the community. Food kitchen volunteers serve the homeless and needy free hot meals on a daily basis. A food kitchen near you could be a source of free food for your family during a time of unemployment.

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Christian churches have a mandate to help the poor and needy so many of them have food ministries to serve their congregations and neighborhoods. If you’re a member of a religious organization and you need food, make it known to the leaders and under normal circumstances you can get free food for your family. If you’re not a member of a congregation you may still be able to get free food for your family from a church by letting the church leaders know about your unemployment.

While not completely free, gardening is another great way to come up with food for your family. It takes some time and effort but it can be well worth it to feed your family healthy food. You get a great return on the amount of food you get from a garden verses the amount of money you put into gardening. You may end up with enough food from a garden to help someone else in need. This is a great way to get food whether you’re working or unemployed.

Government assistance may be an option to get free food for your family. The federal and local governments have food programs to help citizens in need. In years past, families could get staples like milk, cheese, and bread from government agencies. There may be similar programs that provide free food in your area.

Hunting and fishing have filled many freezers with free food for years. This kind of food gathering is almost as old as mankind and the best part is it’s free. This allows you to apply any money you have to other needs. An old saying says, If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.