Unemployed Volunteer to Work as an Intern to Get a Job

If you’re unemployed, volunteer to work as an intern as a way to get a your foot in the door. This could become your path to permanent employment. When companies need workers but aren’t ready to hire people, it creates an opportunity for you to be creative by offering to work as an intern. This should make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed because few if any are taking this approach to getting a job. Of course, this doesn’t pay the bills but you can’t make money if businesses aren’t hiring anyway. You have an advantage over younger job hunters because employers may be more open to experienced workers volunteering to work as interns in the corporate world. If you’re unemployed and you volunteer to work as an intern, you get several opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have.

For example, even though you’re unemployed, you would be on the inside looking out, instead of on the outside looking in. This gives you the opportunity to show what you’re capable of in a real world setting as opposed to just words on a resume. By delivering on your assignments you become better known in the company and in the industry. This is your time to shine. You also get to grow professionally as you learn from the people you work with in the company and from clients, vendors, and contractors doing business with the company.

This is also an opportunity to network with managers within the company and with the clients, vendors, and contractors doing business with the company. You should collect business cards and contact information from emails, letterheads and whatever form of contact you can. Look at all of these contacts as potential employment opportunities. Keep in touch with these contacts if you don’t land employment with the company. They may be able to recommend you to other potential employers. Don’t forget to send a thank you note if your assignment ends without becoming a permanent position.

Volunteering to work as an intern while you’re unemployed is a great way to get your foot in the door but you shouldn’t give up on looking for other opportunities. You should still be knocking on the doors of prospective employers while you work as an intern. When you make an offer to work as a volunteer, offer to work part time. If you get a prospective employer to agree to you volunteering part time, it will give you time to pursue other employment.

One last thing is to offer to work as a volunteer for a certain amount of time. You have to know how much time you can volunteer to work before you make an offer to a prospective employer. Some things to consider when you’re deciding how much time you can give as an intern are your financial situation and moving to some other potential job opportunities. Try to get an agreement in writing and keep your end of the deal as much as possible. But if you’re unemployed, volunteer to work as an intern as a way to try to land a job.