Unemployment – A Burning Problem

Unemployment is a burning problem of the present day world. Many nations both developed and on developing are facing this problem. Of late the problem has reached alarming proportions in countries like India. Even advanced countries like the U.S.A. are feeling the pinch of unemployment. Every year universities and colleges in the countries are turning out thousands of qualified young men. .Naturally most of them seek jobs. The main industry in India is agriculture. .But not many of these educated youth are willing to work in the fields. Agriculture offers work for a few months. On all the other days farmers have to remain jobless. They add to the problems of unemployment as they move to the nearby towns and cities for work.

Every year the number of job seekers is increasing .Many aspire for jobs in the government and that too in urban areas. Our system of education does not have much scope for self- employment. Industrial development is slow in India. Because of this large numbers of skilled workers remain jobless. Even highly trained personnel like doctors and engineers are without jobs. The youth of the country are not willing to be self employed. They wait for years to get a government job. Sometimes even those wishing for self-employment is not encouraged. They find it hard to secure the required capital. Getting loans from government agencies is a long process.

The main reason which is increasing unemployment is rapid increase in the population. The present growth-rate is required to be checked. People should be motivated to go for family planning willingly and the defaulters should be discouraged. When we will be able to exercise control over the population, the unemployment problem will be diluted automatically. Presently job opportunities are less due to the slowdown in the job market. Also there is need to improve educational system. Government should introduce every course according to the present and future demand of jobs.

There is no easy solution to the problem of unemployment. First of all people should understand the seriousness of the problem. Measures should be taken to control the growth of population. Educated young men have to understand that the government can’t provide jobs for all of them. They have to go for self employment. Vocational training is to be given to the willing youth. Young men should find dignity in labor. Employment exchanges are helping to solve the problem in their own way. But more has to be done. Job oriented courses are to be started in schools and colleges in large numbers. Industrialization has to be on a large scale. Government should encourage the self employment schemes in a big way. But all this needs the co-operation of the people. Cottage industries should be developed by improving handicrafts.