Unforgettable 2014 World Cup Matches: Germany-7:Brazil-1 (Semi-final)

It has been awhile since the world cup 2014 has ended. But still some memories of the world cup 2014 are crowding in my mind. Among those memories, Brazil vs. Germany semi-final match is undoubtedly a shocking and thundering memory.

It was 2.00 am here when the match took part. I personally have a bad habit of sleeping too much so it was hard for me to wake up and watch the match. However, I managed to wake up and watch the match in right time.

The match started, interestingly, Brazil was dominating the starting period of the match. But suddenly they conceded a goal. Since I supported Brazil, it was somewhat awkward moment for me, but I still didn’t knew that way more awkward moments are going to come very soon. However, around the 18th-19th minute, Brazil almost got a penalty. But the referee didn’t give the penalty and I thought that if Brazil will lose, the next day I will blame the referee while chatting with my Germany supporter friends. But Alas! I didn’t have any idea about what was going to come.

Suddenly Germany scored another goal in 23rd minute as far as I recall I became little frustrated(I didn’t notice that Klose was the one to score that goal and made the record because of my sleepiness). But in the next 6 minutes, I forgot all of my frustrations and not only started cheering for the Germans but also became a fan of German football. I was still little sleepy after the 2nd goal was scored. No sooner had the replay of that goal was shown, Germany scored another goal! Germans probably couldn’t imagine such an epic match result for them as Klose broke the record of Brazilian Ronaldo’s record of most goals in world cup history which added special importance of this match for the Germans. Brazil not only conceded a bad lose but also experienced Klose breaking their Idol Ronaldo’s record against them.

Then Germany scored another and then another. All my sleepiness was gone and I was looking at the Television being amazed by the perfect finishing of the German players. Klose, Kross and Khedira, perfect finishing of these players left Julio Cesar spellbound and in a cyclone of 6 minutes, Germany scored 4 goals breaking the team morale of Brazil.

After this, Germany scored two more goals and almost scored another if Ozil didn’t miss the chance. However, Oscar scored the only goal of Brazil in last few minutes and the commentator made a comment that I will probably remember for a long time – “Oscar’s goal has now made the scoreboard look even more astonishing- Germany-7 : Brazil-1.”

Brazilian were dreaming about their “Hexa(6th)” world cup. But they didn’t know that their dream will be broken by the difference of a “Hexa(6)” goals. However, the heartbroken Brazilian fans at last stood up and applauded for Germany when Schurrale scored an amazing last goal for the Germans in that match.