Unforgettable Holidays in London

London promises unforgettable holidays by offering innumerable sightseeing and recreational activities.

Whenever we plan a holiday we put our best to make it unforgettable. Planning a holiday is an exciting experience and is said to be good for health by experts. This is especially true when the holiday destination happens to be a city like London which is a dream city of millions around the world. That is why the city records the highest number of tourists every year than any other major holiday destination in the world including New York, Paris and Dubai. This may not be surprising for many who have visited London before. Its innumerable offerings are among the best in the world and assure a great time to visitors.

London is rich in history and has an abundance of historic buildings and monuments that tell intriguing tales of the city’s breathtaking past. The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret’s Church, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, National Gallery London Bridge and Tower Bridge are unique and mesmerize the visitors with their awe-inspiring architecture and magnificence. In addition to that, the splendid Royal palaces of the city including Buckingham Palace (official residence of the Queen), Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace draw a huge crowd to the city.

London is equally famous for its theatres and museums as it is for its iconic landmarks. In fact, the city is a major hub of theatre productions in the world. Shakespeare’s Globe theatre of London is world famous. Most of the best theatres of the city are concentrated in West End, the entertainment hub of London. Areas, such as Soho and Leicester Square are especially popular with tourists seeking thrilling nightlife in the city. Soho is famous for its gay bars and clubs and also for its sex shops. West End is also home to numerous cinemas and shopping venues offering a quality time to visitors. Oxford Street, Bond Street, Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street highlight the importance of London as one of the major shopping destinations in the world.

The rising tourism in London has led to the birth of innumerable hotels in the city. To catch on the tourism bubble in the city many house owners have also converted their homes into tourist accommodations. In fact, visitors can get an apartment on rent or even house-swap with someone in London to enjoy a holiday in the city. The variety of hotels is what sets London apart from its competitors. Depending upon the budget and preferences of visitors, they can choose to stay at a luxury hotel, budget hotel, bed & breakfast, apartment hotel, airport hotel, business hotel, tourist hotel and youth hostel.

Accommodations in London vary greatly on the basis of tariff and location. However, you can expect to get all the modern amenities for a comfortable stay even at a hotel located in a narrow lane of the city.

To save on time and money, you must get accommodation at one of the hotels near Paddington Station. Not only can you take advantage of the dedicated Heathrow Express but also the excellent tube connection to other parts of Central London. Visit www.metropolishydepark.co.uk now and take advantage of free breakfast during your entire stay.