Unfounded Apprehensions With regards To Contact Sports

One of the usual apprehensions and fears of well being of a person keen on joining any sport, especially outdoor and contact sports is the possibility of the players getting hurt and the possibility of the injuries turning to be fatal. However, history is witness that there are more deaths in a football match than any of the contact sports.

One of the prime reasons for this skew against the contact sports when it comes to deaths in sports could be because of the fact that every sport whether indoor or outdoor has some sort of aggression built into it. After all, this aggression propels two individuals or sets of people to go after victory. In the process, they go after each other’s throats. In games like chess or billiards, or for that matter lawn and table tennis, the class of spectators are the silent pondering to mildly aggressive types. This factor is also responsible to dissipate the atmosphere in the arena.

However, when it comes to sports like boxing or Muay Thai, there is already a lot of aggression in the playing field that the spectators may not have the adrenaline left to get into fist fights themselves over the outcome of the bout. Besides, the aggression is also displaced when they cheer for their favorite fighter in the ring.

A case in point that the contact sports that are so belittled and looked down upon are safe is that many of these contact sports like boxing has female participation. It is an underlying truth that sports associations and governing bodies that are usually managed by men are apprehensive when it comes to recognizing a female participation if they feel that it could hamper the feminity. This view may not be conventional. However, that is the underlying and subtle psychology at play. That is one prime reason why women’s boxing was given the green signal only after the headguards and gloves were enhanced for better protection of the boxers.

One more reason for lesser deaths in the ring than any other sports is because the players themselves have been trained mentally over the course of their training and the moments leading upto the fight that they have to fight, that is hit the opponent. This helps them to be in the mental state of expecting to be punished if they stop attacking.