News Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas 2013

Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas 2013


So you want some unique groomsmen gift ideas in 2013 to add a little extra flourish when showing your appreciation to your best mates? You probably have some adjectives in mind: classy, cool, interesting, personalized, sentimental, practical, decently priced, and a few others are probably rolling around somewhere along with unique. Read on for some pretty cool and unique groomsmen gift ideas. Here are some great groomsmen gifts from

Pocket Watch

If you love mechanical gadgets and have groomsmen who are sartorially-inclined, you should consider buying some really nice pocket watches as gifts. They are classy and practical, not to mention, they add that little extra spice on top of an already suave outfit. The chain and watch in front of the vest just adds to some real old-school cool to anybody’s appearance.

Stainless Steel Flask

There is something about flasks and taking a discreet sip from one that is viscerally satisfying. And what better way to celebrate a wedding than to take a swig from a cool flask with all your groomsmen? To go the extra mile, personalized engravings can be easily done in addition to filling the flask with the favorite alcohol of each groomsman.

Swiss Army Knife

If you are someone who hates cards and useless trinkets, then you probably love Swiss Army Knives, a gift that is practical with a capital P. Not only are they sturdy and robust, but they are also very decently priced, and easily customizable. Not to mention, the specific innards can be tailored to suit the personalities and needs of each groomsman.

Fountain Pen

For the writers and thinkers, a good fountain pen always comes in handy. Not only is a pen one of the few items worth carrying around ‘just in case,’ but it is a nice gift that can last a very long time. Long-lasting, decently priced, and very useful, the fountain pen is the trifecta of gift attributes.

Engraved Lighters

If you have a smoker or maybe a pyromaniac or both among your groomsmen, you should consider engraved lighters for gifts. Not only can they light up in style, but a nice personalized lighter has that extra nostalgic longing for the past, much like old flasks, 19th century revolvers and ancient samurai swords.

Shaving Kit

Another gift suggestion from the old box of old-school cool is a nice shaving kit. Nothing is perhaps more masculine and interesting than shaving with a straight razor and brush while whistling to the record playing on your phonograph.

Gifts shouldn’t be a burden on the receiver, but rather a genuinely joyous surprise. Instead of wasting your money on trinkets and objects that will just be forgotten in the corner once the wedding is over, buy something cool, useful and interesting. If you like giving great gifts that will invoke a real look of delight then look no further than these unique groomsmen gift ideas in 2013.

Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas 2013
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