News Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy

Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy


Interested in unique recycled furniture? If you are crafty, you can make wonderfully designed end tables, bookshelves, or magazine racks from recyclables. But that can take time and skill. What if you are not crafty at all?

We’re going to talk about a few easy projects that you can make yourself with a minimum of skill. But if you want to save some time, I’ll provide some ideas that you can buy from Amazon towards the end of the article. You can also find a lot of unique recycled items at sites like Etsy and eBay.

There are quite a few items that you can just add legs to in order to make an end or coffee table. This doesn’t require much skill besides the use of a drill and a few screws. For example, you can take an old guitar and attach legs to it for a music inspired coffee table. An old suitcase with a few short legs becomes a coffee table. With longer legs it turns into a sofa table. Plus, you have storage inside.

Doors are also popular to use for recycled furniture. However, you may need some woodworking skills and tools to turn them into what you want. Desks are popular to make from doors, as well as bookshelves and end tables.

A baby’s old crib also makes a great starting point for several pieces of furniture. You can take off the side rail and add a cushion to make a seating area. Or place a flat board on the bottom and paint it with chalkboard paint, then add two small chairs for a child’s desk.

Of course, these things do take time. What if you just want to shop for a few unique items? I’ve found some great ideas over at Amazon to inspire you.

Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy

This table is actually made from an old wine barrel! You can see the top and bottom make up the top of the table. The staves become the legs and support for your wine bottle collection. Then the creator added slots underneath for your wine glasses.

This lovely piece is handmade. If you are interested in it, you can find it here at Amazon.

This next piece is great for a cycling enthusiast…

Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy

Made out of an old bike wheel, this demilune table is perfect in an urban or contemporary decorating scheme. The bike wheel has been cut in half and a glass top has been added. This makes a great gift!

You can find this table here at Amazon.

Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy

This attractive end table is great for contemporary apartments. It’s made out of a recycled suspension spring and aluminum cans. It’s a great way to show how you are saving the environment.

Plus, it’s great for any car collectors out there. You can find it here.

Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy

Another great piece, this end table is made of metal washers fused together. It’s a great industrial look that is sure to start conversations.

You can find it here.

Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy

This piece is definitely more unique. It’s made up of recycled magazines, all rolled up and glued together. It works as a Japanese style room divided. You can find it in a three, four, or six panel size.

Find it here.

I hope these ideas will get you started on making your own unique recycled furniture! Of course, remember that you can save time and support small businesses by buying other’s handmade creations as well. Besides the selections detailed above, I’ve placed other ideas on the side off to the right.

Unique Recycled Furniture to Make or to Buy
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