Unique Tables That Look Like Stacked Books

Tables That Appear Like a Stack of Books

Are you like me a keen admirer of objects that look like something else, for instance tables that look like books that have been stacked together. The following tables are great to be placed in your home library, study area or lounge being able to blend in seamlessly into the surroundings, yet still stand out as a unique and significant piece of furniture within the room. You can get a better idea as to what you can fit into your home, through the following range of tables that look like books below.

Coffee Tables That Looks Like a Set of Stacked Books

You have a huge range of coffee tables which look like books. For instance, see this 3 piece coffee table that look like two sets of books stacked upon each other (with two chairs & table) designed by ‘Design & Toscano‘.

It is all hand made, hand upholstered and as you can see is in a rather space saving compact design and are very well regarded by their owners. A lovely set up for a game of chess or cards, and of course its intended use as a coffee table.

In all, a unique, ‘handsome’ and ‘stylish’, very well made coffee table set (with practicalities in terms of storage, under the two chairs and table) — available at a pretty reasonable price too.

Rating: 96% (sourced amazon.com)

End Tables That Looks Like Books

There is also a huge range of end tables that take on this unique design too. The image on the left is one of the more popular end tables called ‘The Lord Bryon Wooden End Table‘ and is again the same designer ‘Design Toscano’ — hence is again exclusively hand finished and made.

It takes on the following measurements of 14 x 22 x 28 inches & like the Coffee Table is incredibly well regarded with a Rating: 98% (sourced amazon.com) — by owners. This end table looks great and is incredibly sturdy, upon delivery it is carefully packaged and comes already assembled (you can decide whether you want to add the feet or not). Also, the image doesn’t really do it justice, the books do in real life actually look incredibly realistic. A very unique piece of furniture, more like art work really that will again worth perfectly in a library, study or living room set up.

Accent Tables Which Come Across As Books

If you are looking for a narrower table like accent tables that look like books then I have to recommend possibly my all-round favorite table — ‘the power of books which is topped with sculptural glass‘ — it is only small, but looks incredible, with each book being painted with incredible care detail — and is also cast in quality designer resin and is also handmade.

It measures at 16 by 16 by 21 inches and weighs in at approximately 22 lbs and proves to be a very popular table. I have this exact table set in my home office and it really adds a great ‘working & cozy’ aura to the room. Very reasonably price too at around the $150 mark.

Rating: 100% (sourced amazon.com)

Side Tables That Look Like Stacked Books

You can also find a range of side tables as well in the same design, which sit perfectly next to a chair or full sized work desk table, to place either a book on – an ornament and drink (basically bits and bobs).

The table on the left is rather similar to the one above, just a more established table in terms of height and structure — with Cynthia Adams claiming it was her ‘greatest buy’ she had made all year long. It really is a truly awesome piece of furniture though.

You can see here for more quality tables that look like stacked books.

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