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Unique tattoos for women


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Since 20th century tattoo wearing has become in vogue among women and has not been looked by the society as a rebellious one on their part. Till date women have been sporting with bulks of fashionable and trendy tattoo designs to provoke the sense of individuality and disclose their internal selves to the outer world. Commontattoo art that is usual among female territory is butterfly, zodiac, bracelet, floral design, heart tattoo and star themes that speak for delicacy and softness of nature. But there are some unique and uncommon designs that break the rule of tradition and become quite unconventional in character to impress the people around.

Tattoo Designs for Women

Unique designs may come up in various ways. Here are some examples:

Angel and Cherub Tattoo

Angel tattoos are most favored by women.They can be pictured as per preference and generally they are portrayed as guardian angels or as protectors to guard the tattoo bearer and protect her from danger.Cherub is another type of angel and among cherubs Cupid is the most popular signifying romance and hence for symbolizing love women prefer Cupid tattoo design.

Dragonfly tattoo

In stead of making a butterfly image one can opt for a more appealing and stronger image of dragonfly. It is hunter by nature and a female insect which is at the same time a symbol of freedom and mystery. It never stays anywhere for long and quickly vanishes giving a sense of change and promptness in action. It brings luck and is best suited for women being feminine in character. This is a far more uncommon and a rarer design to choose for women tattoos.

Kanji Tattoo

‘Kanji’is actually a kind of symbol that belongs to Japanese culture. These symbols mean intelligence, anger, courage etc. Each symbol has different meaning of its own. While choosing Kanji tattoo one should be careful of the design as all the symbols look almost same but mean something else.

Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix is a huge fire-bird which has been mentioned several times in mythology for its power and beauty. It is a mystical bird that has influenced people from ancient times with its magical appearence. It symbolizes rebirth,resurrection and renewal. So for the women who have gone through a troubled period and ultimately came out of the shell to fight back hard phoenix tatto is the best one to imprint on their body to remind everyone that they are back in action.

Dove Tattoo

Dove tattoos stand for freedom and tolerance.Women who have endured a lot through stormy relationships and know how to value the loved ones are fond of tattooing dove images to show their affection for their closed ones.

Dolphin Tattoo

Unique tattoos for women

Dolphins are always considered to be the creatures representing intelligence and playfulness. Sailors regard them to be fortune bringers as they are seen going along the vessels without harming anyone. They are one of the sweetest tattoo designs preferred by women.

  • Cartoon Dolphin

Dolphin designs coming with cartoon characters add more fun to the whole pattern but do not distort the depth of symbolism,rather they become more appreciable.

  • Futuristic Dolphin

Futuristic design brings a natural look that contributes to the uniqueness to the pattern of the tattoo as if it belongs to the future.It looks absolutely modern and unusual in appearance to which people get attracted.

Hummingbird Tattoos

Hummingbird is another rare design that is catchy and exotic in pattern. Hummingbird is a gorgeous bird known for its active nature and speed. Women with agility and who cannot be caught easily can go for these kinds of tattoos.

Vampire Tattoos

Unique tattoos for women

Being a woman does not mean to have always a soft personality. Women with attitude and wild aggression can ink a vampire tattoo on their body to reveal the true rock-solid personality of themselves. Women who have passion for vampire stories or developed liking for the Twilight series can also express the fondness by portraying a unique vampire tattoo.

Though the above mentioned tattoo designs are unique enough but they are specifically very few and limited in number. Apart from these ones women can go for their own preferences and can always experiment with their own unique ideas being guided by a true tattoo designer.

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Unique tattoos for women
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