Unique Things to Collect

Many hobbyists are searching for unconventional and unique things to collect. If you are a collector, use this quick list to help you get started.

1. Vacuum Cleaners
This is one of the most unique things to collect that I have ever come across. What is even more odd is the massive collections hobbyists have gathered. I’m sure some people just have a few models laying around that they don’t want to get rid of but you would be shocked to discover some of the larger vacuum cleaner collections contain hundreds of units.
Most vacuum cleaners have surprisingly durable engines that aren’t often overworked. As a result, most vintage vacuum cleaners work just fine. Many people throw out their vacuum cleaners because they are scuffed, marred and look dumpy.
Of all the unique things to collect, I think vacuum cleaners have the most surprising following. There is even a yearly convention for vacuum cleaner collectors!

2. PEZ Dispensers
PEZ dispensers constitute a unique thing to collect simply because they’re impractical: the candy is gross. I haven’t met anyone who genuinely enjoys eating it. Most people using PEZ are just displaying some of their collection. And, like most collectibles, they are best presented in mint condition which keeps hobbyists from shoving them in their pockets filled with candy.
This is one of the popular unique things to collect because there are hundreds of different PEZ dispenser models to choose from. Whatever your pop culture interests, there is a dispenser with a character on it.

3. Nerf Guns
Like vacuum cleaners I was very surprised at the sheer volume of some Nerf gun collections. There are some hobbyists that have collected nearly every single variation of gun manufactured by Nerf. More recent Nerf models are quite advanced and specialized which is great for kids and collectors. There is also a subculture of collectors interested in how to modify their Nerf gun to make them more powerful and fun. Nerf guns definitely deserve a place on the short list of unique things to collect.

For more excellent collectible ideas, reference this huge list of things to collect.

4. Insects
Many scientific hobbyists enjoy collecting framed and mounted insects. Some homeowners have found that insects provide a curious and enjoyable aesthetic when hung in a common area. There are rare insect specimens that collectors covet but for the most part insect collectors focus on finding insect samples from a specific region or insect family. The most popular insects to collect are butterflies and spiders. This may not be something that automatically pops into your head when you think of unique things to collect but it certainly is popular in some circles.

5. Postcards
Postcards may not seem like an item that should be on a list of unique things to collet. Postcards are a common sight and are largely unimpressive. Older postcards were much more special. Many were made from linen and not just card stock. Many obscure and since shuttered businesses had postcards printed. Hobbyists are constantly searching for the most unique postcard collections. Some of the most unique postcards were actually sent by famous people, including Presidents and former astronauts.

If you are searching for something different to get into as a hobbyist, consider some of these more unique things to collect.