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Unisex Nursery Ideas


For those parents choosing not to discover if they are having a boy or a girl, unisex ideas for the nursery will go a long way toward helping you decorate. Having a gender-neutral baby’s room prepared before the birth of your child will alleviate a great deal of stress and allow you to focus on more important things such as your health and the health of your newborn. Use this quick list for some good unisex nursery ideas.

Simple Color Scheme

Many parents are choosing to avoid characters and imagery and are instead filling their gender-neutral nursery with a set color scheme and fun patterns. To keep your nursery color scheme simple, choose two main colors: one should be the color of your walls and the other should be the dominant color in the next most visible piece of décor in the unisex nursery, such as the curtains. Once you have chosen the simple color scheme as your unisex nursery idea, you can accent with two other colors that are similar but not the same.

Teddy Bear Unisex Nursery Idea

Teddy bears are a universal, classic idea for decorating your unisex nursery. Make sure that you have lots of stuffed animals to present on shelving and bookcases as decorations. You can easily find teddy bear nursery decorations at stores and online. Do some real digging to find the best teddy bear decorations for your unisex nursery. (The teddy bear image above is attributed to EssjayNZ.)

Animal Unisex Nursery Idea

Using animals is an easy and fun unisex nursery idea. Make sure you identify the kind of imagery you will be featuring in the gender-neutral nursery. If you have too many different cartoonish images mixed together, the result will seem muddled and off-putting. One way to avoid clashing images is to get most of your decorations from one seller. Often this will result in free shipping. Use animals to help decorate your unisex nursery.

Nature Nursery
Featuring nature scenes and images is a fantastic unisex nursery idea. Many different websites offer wall stickers and framed prints that highlight nature scenes such as: forestry, weather, grass, horizon lines, etc. Identify which components of nature you will highlight and then search the internet for the best options. Many of these decorations that you are able to find at handmade sites like Etsy will allow you to customize colors. This will allow you to personalize your unisex nursery ideas.

In order to ensure that your unisex nursery idea comes out clearly, only begin to purchase decorations after you have decided on a theme and outlined some of the imagery you will use. Once you have done this, your nursery decorating will become much easier and more fun.

Unisex Nursery Ideas
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