United States Embassy, London

A statue of General Eisenhower stands proudly outside the United States Embassy.

Located in Grosvenor Square, Westminster, London, the Embassy of the United States of America has had some form of representation in London since the late 18th century.

The embassy is the biggest American Embassy in Western Europe it has more than 600 rooms and can accommodate 750 fulltime employees – interestingly less than 50% of employees are American.

A gilded eagle with wings outstretched graces the top of the United States Embassy building, the wings span a massive 35 feet.

Visiting the United States Embassy

Just a short walk from the nearest tube stations; Marble Arch (Central line – red) or Bond Street (Central & Jubilee Line – grey)

The U.S. Embassy is a 10 minute walk from Oxford Street.

United States Embassy, London Address
?24 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London W1A 2LQ?

U.S. Embassy, London, phone number

?020 7499 9000 ?? usembassy.org.uk

What does the United States Embassy in London do?

The U.S. Embassy house diplomats that represent the interests of the U.S. in the United Kingdom.

The Embassy provides services for U.S. citizens whilst they’re in London, living or whilst on vacation, anything from emergency repatriation to dealing with lost passports and social security issues.

The Embassy organizes a calendar of regular events, both for UK & U.S. citizens, anything from comedy nights starring American comedians to wine tasting evenings marketing U.S. produce.

The American Embassy can assist in commercial affairs, if a U.S. business is trying to setup in the UK, or a UK business is trying to trade with a U.S. business, the embassy can help.

A permanent staff also represents the interests of U.S. Agriculture, promoting the sales of U.S. foodstuffs and beverages.

As with most Embassies, the United States have special privileges within the confines of their property, they’re immune to most local laws, but bound by the Geneva convention, a British representative must be invited to the embassy or gain special permission to enter.

The current U.S. Ambassador in London is Louis B. Susman, he has been ambassador since July 2009.