News Unleashing Your Imagination with Marx Toy Soldiers

Unleashing Your Imagination with Marx Toy Soldiers


Marx Toys was a toy company that grew during the Great Depression, from 1929 to 1932, while other companies were closing their doors. The simplicity and affordability of their toys made them one of the most successful toy companies in the United States. Founded in 1919, Louis and David Marx opened their doors in New York City and the toy world was never the same again. Children of many generations have found hours of fun and imaginative play with Marx Toys. It was the largest toy company of the early and mid-20th century.

The simplicity of their success is in the simplicity of their toys. Rather than the toys of today, particularly video games, where the imagination is already in place for you, you supply the imagination with Marx Toys. Many of you remember the joy and hours of fun occupied with a yo-yo and Marx sold 120 million of them during the Depression.

Unleashing Your Imagination with Marx Toy Soldiers

One of the most popular lines by Marx Toys were plastic molded soldiers. Baby boomers can connect with their childhood by collecting these soldiers. Though the 70s brought a decline in the popularity of anything military in the toy field, due to the Vietnam War, a resurgence is now afoot. We remember the Army green soldiers that were scattered on the floors of our bedrooms and our friends’ bedrooms, sometimes hundreds of them we amassed so we could play “war”. Many of these plastic toys were crushed, burned and cut, without thought of how valuable they would be in the future. What a piece of history it represents, especially the World War 2 line put out by Marx Toys.

You could own toy soldiers from the World War 2 conflict from the ranks of United States, Germany, Japan and Russian armed forces. The lines are fully action packed. Soldiers throwing grenades, waving flags, carrying their wounded comrades out of battle, even dead soldiers, the possibilities are endless for play with these action figures.

Unleashing Your Imagination with Marx Toy Soldiers

When a set of these action toy soldiers are positioned with accompanying jeeps and stacks of sandbags, it’s an art form. It is truly a medium of artistic expression for adults, who can now appreciate how these figures help us remember history, and it’s fun. It’s an amazing experience to group and regroup these figures into different scenarios. The attention to detail, down to the lines on the guns or the labels on tanks, makes the experience all the more thrilling and representative of the battles the world did experience during the war.

Marx soldiers also came from other wars like the Civil War, the Revolutionary War and the American Frontier Family, armed and ready to do battle with whatever enemy would come their way and threaten their newly found sanctuaries.

Unleashing Your Imagination with Marx Toy Soldiers

Baby boomers are once again revisiting the worlds of imaginative play and fantasy they had with Marx Toy Soldiers. Passing this experience onto their own children and grandchildren is gaining popularity and with good reason. It’s difficult to watch how kids stare at screens all day: TV, video games, smartphones and computers. It’s time to lure children away from filling their brains with another person’s imagination and have them develop their own. Toy soldiers with their endless play possibilities is a great way to honor our nation’s history and our troops, while inviting their imagination to come out and play.

Classic Toy Soldiers, Inc. has a wide selection of Marx Toy Soldiers in various sizes and choices. Founded by two baby boomers, their love of plastic toy soldiers made by Marx and other manufacturers reflects in their inventory. Now, you have the means to buy whichever pieces you like, so it’s the perfect time to browse and find some old favorites and discover new favorites.

Unleashing Your Imagination with Marx Toy Soldiers
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