Unlock iPhone 6 Plus by IMEI

Unlock iPhone 6 Plus by IMEI


What is IMEI?

And IMEI is a GSM mobile phone icon on the pre-recorded. This code is a unique device in the world and is transmitted through the device to the network to connect to it.

What unlock the iPhone by IMEI?

We will see that unlock the iPhone by IMEI:

Release We want the next information:

  1. The IMEI (serial number 15 box left * # 06 #):
  2. Serial Number: (found in Settings> General> About)
  3. MODEL: (found in Settings> General> About)


The other way is by removing the battery and check the paper IMEI on a label attached to the phone.

Reasons and advantages for editing by IMEI

Durable and safe release. It is released one free Wi-iPhone always. You can work with iPhone with any SIM card from any carrier. You can always upgrade to the latest firmware version of iTunes smooth. You can restore your iPhone at any time and free anytime. Wherever you export it to Apple for the help and take a new one they give you free. IPhone models can do released version. It is not necessary that you send, you can order the release of your home or office. You keep security station.

I open my iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus?

Yes, 0.6 iPhone and 6 Plus can also free and works 100%.

Unlock iPhone 6 Plus by IMEI
Unlock iPhone 6 Plus by IMEI

Is It difficult? What should I do to edit my iPhone forever?


This is a collection of easy, quick and safe release. Just send us IMEI of your phone through the model, when your phone unlocked sends you a confirmation email pointing out the steps to activate it.


How can I find out which player (carrier) and this blocked my phone?

We have a service that can give you this information, enter the IMEI.

Is it safe to work with my iPhone?

Yes, and we guarantee that works with all iPhone, otherwise your money.

Why trust us?


On the Internet, there are many opportunists who will sell open services that are not working. For example, you can provide software that makes Jailbreak iPhone, for free and then try to use the hack that only works if you have to maintain the basement. these types of programs include many of the very complex processes that take you waste time and money just because you are also selling items that are free.

Real our service and are 100%, as is the release by IMEI is enduring. as well as to sparing you the trouble already mentioned and offers the following benefits to our service:

It is perfectly safe because we will not have access to the data from your credit card, as you do pay by PayPal or through Google Wallet, and ensure fully protected.

Guaranteed, because if you drive to open and our system does not relieve your phone, and we will refund the full amount. This is effective as long as you entered the correct operator IMEI. However, if the data that have been entered incorrectly also refund your money, but include a small fee for management. Therefore, if you are unsure of this data, we recommend renting verify that provides you with information from your phone to see if it can be unlocked or no service. http://www.unlockiphone6splus.com/

Why prices have risen?


Unlock iPhone 6 Plus by IMEI
Unlock iPhone 6 Plus by IMEI

Prices vary according to each operation or release time, from $ 16.90 to $ 180.00, a few months the most popular carriers such as AT & T, T-Mobile or Vodafone, and Verizon ago, changed its policies and procedures, raising costs for release IMEI through, but you can rest assured that we are working and one of the best rates in the market, if another site that offers the operator to open part of the price we offer you certainly is not offering a real service.

Do not go looking for more than that, we offer the best service at the best price.

Now open your phone or want to know if your phone can be unlocked and the price or do not know who the operator is locked and if you have a theft report will recommend the employment verification service saves time and money.

Do I need to account Pay pal, Google Wallet or pay?


You can pay by credit or debit card through Google Wallet or PayPal, and after clicking on wages and free wherever you have an account by Google, you can register and new user, or if you already have a user Google you just have to connect a credit card with Pay Pal is not it is necessary to create an account, but it is recommended so that you can follow your transactions. These two are the most secure payment methods by credit card

If you have any questions regarding the services we have a call center to answer your questions. Our staff will be pleased to discuss them.


By: EsamPim