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Unpainted Ceramic Chess Sets


Chess is undoubtedly one of the most popular games that are played all over the world. Played by millions in various countries, it has the same design but can be played on various types of chess sets which include, plastic, wooden and even unpainted ceramic chess sets.

There is a wide variety of chess sets that are available and the points below will help you choose a suitable one for yourself:

1. There are various themes used in chess sets and are used according to the occasion that they are played on. It could be a sports theme, themes based on countries, history, or animals. They come in different colors and sizes.

2. A chess set is a complete set of chessmen and chess board. Complete sets are available in wood, plastic, ceramic and stone and chessmen are also available separately. In case you decide to buy chessmen separately you must have the chess board ready.

3. You also get single figurines that may be having a height of 12 inches or so but these are not part of a chess set and are usually used as paperweights or as decorative pieces.

4. You can also mix and match various color and themes. For example if you would like an aqua theme you can buy a chessboard that has ocean colors and then go for a chessmen set that has an aqua color. You can use matching colors for your chess board and chessmen so that you can use several sets by matching colors.

When you do buy chess sets make sure that you buy from reputed sellers online especially those who have images of the chess sets and chessmen. It is important that the pieces should be distinct from each other so that it is easy to make out the figures.

There are various sizes that chessmen are available in. The King is always the largest due to his important amongst all the figures. Other individual figurines have various sizes but are always smaller than the King. Chess tournaments have a standard size for the King at 3.75 inches. On the other hand a travel chess set may be smaller with a 2 or 3 inch King. You will also see King sizes of 6 inches but that is only for special occasions. Choose a size that is suitable for your needs and requirements. If you intend to take chess set when you are travelling you may need to carry a set that is compact and portable.

Ceramic chess sets are very easy to clean and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. They are usually small in size and can be carried around easily. They are very attractive. Most of them are very affordable and are easily available online and in retail stores.

At the same time they have some disadvantages as well. Being of ceramic they can be easily damaged and can even break if they are dropped. It may be advisable to travel with them since they can break during travel. Kids may not be handle ceramic chess sets carefully and the figures may get damaged. Since they are fragile they may not be durable in the long run.
After reading the points above you will be able to decide whether you would like to own unpainted ceramic chess sets or choose a different type of set.

Unpainted Ceramic Chess Sets
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