Unusual Gifts. Tokens You Never Dreamed Of Giving…

Anything is possible when you put a little thought behind it.

Christmas has passed for another year. That joyous extravagant time for gift giving. Buying presents for the festive season seems to have less a degree of difficulty than any other time. If you’re anything like me, you simply follow the hints around November. But let us not forget the other little occasions throughout the year, when choosing the right treasure can stretch the imagination. The right birthday present, anniversary gift, appreciation for partners and parents on mother’s and father’s day.

The birthday I received a voucher to dive on the Great Barrier Reef was by far my most memorable, on a par with my signed Breaking Bad poster, with the whole cast’s signatures. There is a gift in itself when it comes to giving a unique and unexpected present. Here’s a few inspirational ideas that may help you spoil the loved ones in your life with originality and sheer surprise.

*Name a star. Give the gift of a celestial body by naming a star after the person you love most. The location can be in either the northern or southern hemisphere, and isn’t at all expensive. Not only will your loved one’s name be written in the skies forevermore, but you’ll also receive a certificate and CD with exact coordinates of the location.

*Ride in Style. A limousine ride is the perfect gift to celebrate an anniversary. You could simply take a luxury drive around the city, to a romantic restaurant, or veer past the location you were married. A fantastic activity includes renting a limo with My Limo Mornington Peninsula, where they offer exclusive winery day tours. The quality limousine service quotes that special occasions are more significant when the gift is in the memory.

*Elephant painting. Elephants are extremely intelligent creatures. And it’s an astounding fact that they can actually paint. If your loved one is an animal lover, what could be better than an artwork created by a beautiful beast? Although the art itself is more on the abstract side, the image tells an amazing story. Not only will it be a feature piece on your wall, but you’ll be contributing to an important conservation project, aiding this animal’s longevity and survival.

*Name a flower. This one’s for the ladies. You can immortalize your sweetheart by naming a previously unnamed flower after her. Along with a certificate of authentication, you’ll also receive bulbs of your personal flower, and instructions on how to grow and care for them. The only downfall in choosing this one is how to top next year’s gift.

*Spooky Tour. If the significant other in your life has a thing for the macabre, why not treat them to a ghostly thrill? Ghost tours are becoming a popular culture, and most cities throughout the world are happy to host the night. Some are held at old prisons, some at famed and fated stately homes. The New Orleans Cemetery tour, and Hollywood History night are some of the more famous, but every town has a fable, and there’s sure to be one in your closest city.

*Zero gravity. And one for the gents…or adrenaline seeking girls. What was previously only available to astronauts is now obtainable to all. Thanks to you, your partner can experience the thrill and weightlessness of a zero gravity flight. There a few major cities throughout the planet who are hosting this kind of space-ride, and the cost of the experience isn’t at all exuberant.

*A permanent fixture. If your partner has always coveted a tattoo, but not sure of the motif, or quite ready to commit, how about a voucher for the ink ahead? Tattoos have become a sign of the times in adding a personalized form of self-expression. If your loved one is happy to make it permanent, what better than a gift that reminds them of a special occasion each and every day?