News Upgrade a Home With a New Garage Door

Upgrade a Home With a New Garage Door


Now, most people do not give two thoughts about their garage door. It really is just a means to an end, allowing them to pull into their drive with the car and secure it with a door behind it. However, there is no such thing as one door fits all homes. Despite the majority of homes using the same style and design of doors, there are all sorts of different options out there. From the material the door is made out of to the way the door opens, a home owner has the ability to truly customize their door. Beyond this, if they just want a new garage door but do not want to spend the same price as a personalised construction, many garage door and front door service providers do have spares. These spares might be left over from a different job or from someone who cancelled at the last minute. While the spares do not offer the same extensive selection, it is a good way to save money on the new garage door in the long run.

Upgrade a Home With a New Garage Door

Kinds of Garage Doors

For someone who is shopping for a new garage door, there are several different designs and styles available. Some of these available styles include:

  1. Swing Out
  2. Swing Up
  3. Roll Up
  4. Slide to the Side

Before anyone can go about selecting the right kind of garage door for their particular needs, they need to know what each door is and how it can accent the look of their home. The most common garage door, especially in newer homes, is known as a roll up. This is a garage door that is sectioned off in possibly three or four sections, connected by hinges on the inside. When the door is closed, it looks like a flat wall. However, when it opens, the door is able to roll back up into the garage. This way, it does not take up space outside of the garage when opening. The other options are more likely found on older homes, although when paired with a new craftsman style of home, these door options work as well. A swing out basically means the garage door opens like a regular door, taking up a large amount of space as it swings out and opens. The swing up functions in the same way, but it swings upwards. It might be able to be pushed into the top of the garage, but again, it does up a good amount of space in front of the door. Lastly, the slide to the side option is a common barn look but still works on a garage, as it runs on a track and is pushed to one side of the garage or the other.

Upgrade a Home With a New Garage Door

Common Materials

the other element involved with a garage door is the material. While there are few options, each has its own series of benefits. Some of these common materials include:

  1. Wood
  2. Composite
  3. Steel
  4. Aluminium

Wood is the most common as it is more sturdy than composite and works as a nice insulator. If there is no overhang over the garage door though, it might be better to go with composite as the composite material weather in the rain and moisture better. Steel is a nice choice as there is little maintenance, and aluminium is another desirable option, although it is by far the most expensive of all the options. However, if there are spares from a company such as Garador, it is possible to save an extensive amount of money and to drastically improve the overall look and style of any home in question.

Upgrade a Home With a New Garage Door
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