Upscale Luxury Gifts

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It should come as no surprise that people often fantasize about what their life would be like if they had an endless supply of money. They could do whatever they want, go wherever they want, with whomever they want. More to the point, they could buy whatever they wanted, and therefore indulge their fancies and whims to whatever degree was necessary.

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Needless to say, Christmas is one of those occasions when it’s almost second nature easy to engage in this type of mental meandering, mainly because the excessive amount of shopping we do constantly makes us encounter a wide variety of products that make our mouths water, but would also break the bank. Even so, if you’re going to dream then you might as well dream big.

That said, listed below are 3 upscale, high-end gifts that the typical man-on-the-street (i.e., me and you) will in all probability find to be economically out of reach:

Segway XT All Terrain

Segways are a worldwide phenomenon and instantly recognizable as status symbols. The self-balancing human transporter established itself early on in the public consciousness as a high-end novelty item and has held on to that spot. This all-terrain model will have no problem going across dirt, gravel, sand, grass and other surfaces. In fact, with a sticker price of almost $5000 (and that’s for a used model), you’re well within your rights if you expect it to practically fly.

Heatwave Santa Fe Sauna

There’s nothing quite like being able to come home from a backbreaking day at the office and get into your own personal sauna, is there? What, you don’t have one? Pity… This 3-person sauna comes fully loaded, including a CD player (with built-in speakers and mp3 connection), color treatment light, ergonomic back rests, oxygen ionizer and much more. And at roughly $1800 per, it’s probably one of the more affordable luxury items in the marketplace.

Live Luggage Power-Assisted Suitcase

At one time or another, almost every one of us has had the thrill of racing through an airport at break-neck speed, dragging an uncooperative suitcase behind us. On the off chance that you didn’t enjoy the experience, here’s something that will make your next trip to the airport more palatable: the world’s first power-assisted suitcase. It’s anti-gravity handle, innovative flat motor technoloy innovation, sensors and intelligent manage systems (amongst other factors) make it an exceptional present; you’ll see very few of these in the air or on the ground – especially with a sticker asking $1200 apiece.

Upon reflection, the three products noted above represent fantastic ways to spoil yourself. And in addition, I probably phrased it poorly in saying that John Q. Public possibly can’t afford these gifts. In truth, he quite probably can; he just won’t have the ability to afford much else… Regardless, it’s great to daydream about the various things we could buy and do, given unlimited resources, and these 3 things make the cut.

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