UPVC Sliding Sash Windows and doors for Your Home

Doors and windows are essential elements of any house. While we pay a lot of attention to styling the interiors, these important features often go neglected. Along with designs, you can vary the material used for frames. UPVC is a good option when it comes to sliding sash windows and doors.

Here are some ideas that might interest you:

UPVC Sash Doors

Sash doors like these can be used for homes where the outdoors are pleasant and can be a visual delight. If you have a back porch, this is a door which will allow you a view of your loved plants kept in the porch, while you work or relax indoors.

These doors allow natural sunlight to light up the room and therefore, can be used to save electricity. It is perfect for those who believe that natural light is always more beautiful than anything artificial. Just pull in the curtains when you need privacy!

UPVC Sash Window

There are times when we are faced with the prospect of creating a ventilation unit in a restricted space. In that case, a UPVC sash window like this can be installed. It has divided panels that make it easy to allow a partial opening. Ventilation is easy and the structure is appealing to eyes. The window could easily open to narrow alley or be installed in a wall where there is no scope of putting awnings.

UPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Here is an example of a window that people dream of having. It opens to a garden and one can only imagine the fragrance that the breeze will bring with it into the room. Such a window is perfect for a bedroom. Who would not want to wake up to sunlight streaming in and roses blooming at a distance? The sash windows allow partial opening so you can leave a part of the window open in summer nights to allow coolness to seep in without compromising with safety.

Sash Window

If you have a beautiful view outside your home, convert an entire wall into a natural painting by installing these huge sash windows. Shown here is a farmhouse kitchen with greenery as it neighbor. With natural light and a wide view of the sky for company, dining will be a whole new experience. Opt for UPVC windows because they are strong and would sustain the impact of elements much better than wood or metal. They do not chip like wood or rust like metal. So, you would not have to spend a regular amount of money on maintain these windows.

Installing sliding windows and doors in has more benefits than just aesthetic appeal. There is a track at the bottom portion in which the sash slides. This track is raised a couple of inches above the ground and hence does not gather dust. So there is no need to worry about following strict cleaning regimes.

In India, companies like Fenesta offer a range of UPVC sliding sash windows & doors available at affordable prices.

Tell us your ideas of revamping doors and windows.