Urban Landscape Photographers, Deborah Julian Shoots The City

Urban Landscape Photographer Deborah Julian

Deborah Julian is one the top urban landscape photographers working today. Her photography is narrative in style and she actively searches for stories to tell as she wanders around cities. Her art history background enables her to enrich her discovered images with painterly style.

Viewers sometimes mistake her color-enriched images for paintings.

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Working from a home base in New York City, her collections also include urban landscapes from across the Atlantic, including award winning shots from Reykjavik, Iceland. Some of her most admired include street scenes from the historic Charles Bridge in Prague and along the back alleys of Naples.

In the video that follows she talks about some of the pictures in her solo exhibit, Scenes From The Urban Landscape, at the Octagon Gallery in New York. Her eye as a photographer is enhanced by her education in art history and work in the contemporary art market. She believes classic values in art play crucial roles in raising urban landscape photography to a higher standard.

Deborah first joined the world of urban landscape photographers after getting her first degree in photography at Villa Maria College in Buffalo where she studied with Jim Jipson. After moving to New York, she earned her degree in Art History from Manhattan Marymount College. The marriage of these concentrations is vivid in her work, her photography technically perfect, her selection of subjects original and the end result a credit to urban landscape art.

Urban landscape photographers are most distinguished by their individual interests in the city scenes they watch and by how well they execute their points of view. The consistency in Deborah Julian’s work is clear and adds a level of expectation to the finished images.

What makes her work unforgettable is in how she blends really interesting finds with exceptionally artful color composition. Her pictures capture your attention immediately: unique subject matter without extremes and a deft handling of subtle effects.

In this video from her solo show, Observations From The Urban Landscape, you can get a glimpse of these elements together with own comments on how the works were created:

As the video shows, on the street scenes play a larger role in her artwork that more distant observations about the geometry of buildings. The urban landscape is an active environment with people as the most critical element.

You can see more of her work, including the most contemporary photographs on her Deborah Julian Art website.

David Stone, Writer