Urinary Tract Infection – Men

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While it is very common for women to have urinary tract infections (known as UTI’s), it can also happen in men. I know all to well the excrutiating pain that goes along with this condition. It is caused by micro organisms (germs) entering the system typically through the urethra (penis) and affecting the urinary tract system to include the prostate, bladder, and kidneys. If you are a male experiencing some discomfort down there and you are as concerned as I was please let me share my story. I live in Florida and I had been out surf fishing at the mouth of a river near the coast. The water is so warm here, there is no need to wear waders and I had been standing in waist deep water all day. There are constant water quality advisories in this area and while I always take precautions not to drink the water I did not realize that bacteria in the water can enter other parts of the body (if you know what I mean). A few days went by and one morning I went to urinate and something had gone very wrong down there. I had never endured this kind of pain in this region of the body. My mind was racing and I had no idea what was happening. Being a man, I was embarassed to say anything to anybody, including my wife. Soon it had progressed to the point that I was avoiding liquids because I did NOT want to relieve myself. Obviously this is not a possibility, which turns out to be the exact wrong thing to do, and I finally succumbed to the fact that this was not going away without some help. I told wy wife and she insisted I call the local clinic. As mortified as I was to describe the detail, I quickly found that it is not that uncommon (at least not where I live). The nurse explained that the best cure is not one that I wanted to hear. Urinary Tract Infection Remedy -Drink lots of water -Cranberry pills (AZO brand or similar) Thats right!! The cure is to drink tons of water (more than a gallon per day for me) and take cranberry pills which contain flavonoids and proanthocyanidins that defeat bacteria in the urinary tract system. At the moment I was agonizing over how bad it will be to drink all that water and be forced to repeatedly go through torture. Additionally, cranberries are a natural diuretic which means you have to go more often. Oh the horror!!! Well let me explain that once I began to flush the system the pain started to subside. It took several days to completely return to normal. However, I learned a very valuable lesson with that experience and I still take a cranberry pill everyday. As it turns out there are many possible health benefits contributed to cranberries to include: healthy prostate, cancer prevention, prevent gum disease, anti-inflammatory and the list continues. I write this in the hopes that it may help a fellow brother(or sister for that matter)looking for answers to a very personal problem. There are serious medical problems that may have similar symptoms possibly associated with sexually transmitted disease therefore do not be a stubborn fool like myself and go get some help man!!! I do recommend however to stay hydrated and take a daily regimen of cranberry pills … it can’t hurt!!! Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and urinary tract infections can be a serious health problem to include kidney damage. I recommend that you consult your local health provider with any medical issues.

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Urinary Tract Infection – Men, Seekyt
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