Use A 5 Dollar Gasoline Additive To Super Charge Your Car

$5 Could Save You Hundreds!

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Supercharge Your Baby

Did you know that you could use a 5-dollar gasoline additive to super charge your car? Is your car slow to accelerate when you press on the accelerator? Does it lag or act as if it’s going to quit running when you try to pick up speed? If so, maybe you should try using a gasoline additive before you run out and pay $100 or more for a tune up that you don’t need.


Nobody Does It Better

Gasoline additives clean your cars engine to help it run smoothly. Many different companies like Bars, Risione, STP, and AMSOIL make fuel additives and some of them are better than others. Employees at automotive parts stores can usually tell you which ones are best. One way to tell which gasoline additives are the best is to see which brand other consumers have bought the most of. In other words, which gasoline additive seems to be flying off of the shelves?


One way to tell which gasoline additives are the best is .,

Let’s Get High

To super charge your cars engine, fill up the car with quality gasoline. I recommend 89 Octane or higher. Then follow the directions on the additive to add it to the gasoline in your fuel tank. I recommend 89 Octane or higher because its cleaner burning fuel. Using clean fuel and a fuel treatment like Bar’s Fuel Additive helps to protect your cars engine.


I Saved One Hundred Dollars

I speak from experience when I say a 5 dollr fuel additive could help your car run better. I used Bars gasoline treatment in my 14 year-old Kia Optima and it made a big difference. I was about to go in for a tune up when I decided to try the additive first. The additive worked great. It restored power and speed that my car had lost. I must have saved around one hundred dollars.


Super Charge Your Baby

yellow lamborghini parkedOver time, gasoline causes deposits to build up on fuel injectors in your car or trucks engine, which can cause your car to run poorly. That’s why it’s important to use cleaner burning fuel. If you don’t follow your cars manufacturers maintenance plan to keep it running smoothly, your car will start to run poorly at some point. You might be able to delay that by using a five-dollar fuel additive to super charge your car and keep it running great.


How Often Do You Do It?

How often should you do it? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s a good idea to put a 5 dollar gasoline additive in your car or truck on a regular basis. Think of it as maintenance like an oil change. Some additives say to add so many ounces of additive per so many gallons or with every fill up of gas. But I recommend adding a bottle of the additive every 3 -– 4 fill ups. Newer cars might shouldn’t need as many treatments as older vehicles.



A 5 dollar gasoline additive can give your vehicles engine a boost but if that doesn’’t work you may need to have mechanic take a look at your car or truck. A mechanic can use a diagnostic machine to see what’s causing your car to misfire and lag. It may actually need a tune up or something as simple as an air filter. But first, try using a 5-dollar gasoline additive to super charge your car.

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