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Use a Living Wall Planter Large Vertical Garden To Save Space

If you love the idea of growing flowers or vegetables but you do not have the space to set it up, then check out the latest in living wall planters and vertical gardens.

As many people downsize their houses and yards, growing vegetables may have been a hobby that had to go. I know that I used to have a vegetable garden at my other house. But as our kids left the nest we decided to downsize and move into town.

I love the fact that it only takes me 20 minutes to cut the lawn now compared to the hours on the riding mower, but the tradeoff is less space for anything like veggies or flowers. We have a small patio area that I love and one side of this patio is the back wall of the shed. I have already decided on a Solar Wall Fountain to add some interest and to hear running water, but I have the large brick wall of the house still bare, and I thought this would be the perfect spot for a vertical garden.

You can get these online in many different shapes and sizes. These are great for flowers too, and can turn that plain boring brick wall into a living wall planter that quickly adds to the space and looks and smells awesome.

Living Wall Planter

I was thinking of getting the one pictured here but if you get a few of them, you can instantly turn the wall into a work of living art. I was thinking that I could use a few of them for pretty flowers and then the others for veggies and herbs. As long as you water them and they can get access to light there is no reason why they can’t grow on the wall just as well as in the ground.

With only the two of us in the house now, I don’t need a huge veggie patch but would like some fresh herbs and veggies and growing them on the wall will be easier for me than the back breaking work of tilling a garden out in the yard.

Fabric Pocket Living Wall Planter

If you are really serious about growing veggies on the wall then you can get larger fabric pockets that will take larger plants. The pockets are made from recycled plastic bottles and are very strong and flexible and will grow with the plant. These are perfect for veggies but you can also hang these on a fence as well.

Large Vertical Garden

So if you don’t have the ground space, then why not use the wall space instead? There is a large assortment of living wall planters online now, and many come with their own irrigation systems to keep them well watered. I am looking forward to filling my one boring brick wall with lots of flowers this year. I had thought about using outdoor wall art, but I like the idea of living wall art such as you get with these vertical garden planters. So make your space special this year and use the wasted space on the walls to grow something special.

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