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Use a Pet Potty for Porches, Decks and Patios

If you just read that title and strange visions came to mind about your pet using a pet potty, then check this out and see how helpful this could be if you have a small yard or have created an oasis for yourself that you don’t want marked up with “pet stains”.

If your yard is small or you have created the perfect space for yourself with potted plants, seating, water fountains and more, then you may not want your best friend marking his or her territory in that perfect flower bed right?

Yes you should take him or her for a walk to do their business and to get exercise, but sometimes you just want to spend the day relaxing in your oasis and you want your pet outside with you right? Well you can get this indoor pet potty that is actually designed to be used indoors for when you just can’t get home to let your pooch out but can be used outside for patios, decks and porches.

But they can also be used outdoors in that perfec oasis you just set up. This pet grass potty has been created from fake grass that looks and feels real. Once they have had a wee, it goes into the tray below, and it can simply be flushed or washed away with the hose. The grass can be hosed down too, so it is easy to set up. Other business can simply be picked up as you would on a walk.

Pet Potty

Perfect for smaller dogs, that might have to go more often, and if you want them to spend the day outside in your oasis with you, then you need to set them up with all their accessories to keep them happy, such as an Iris Pet Pen to keep them safe and where they can while away the hours chewing on toys or simply sleeping.

Using a pet potty is perfect for apartments too. If the weather is nasty outside, and venturing down the elevator and out into the nasty weather doesn’t appeal to you, then your pooch can use this instead. You can also put them on the balcony for when you are out there or they need to get out quickly.

With more and more people spending time in their own backyards, many spaces are using up the “grassy area” for living spaces, plants, vegetable gardens and more. Expanses of grass are hard to maintain and needs lots of water, so many yards are simply turning their space into rock gardens and woods. So, simply letting your dog out into the backyard on his own could cause trouble for all those plants, nicely dug gardens and patio spaces.

Having a portable grassy patch is an alternative to brown spots in your grass and dug up gardens. This is also a brilliant idea for older dogs that simply can’t get outside quick enough or for training puppies.

It is waterproof but works best under covered porches, balconies and decks as rain will just fill the tray. But the grass is synthetic so no worries about rot or mold forming.

So if you want to spend the day on your balcony, porch or back deck and want your pooch outside with you, then give him or her their own patch of grass to do their business instead of digging up yours.

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