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Use a Solar Wall Fountain To Decorate Your Space Without Power Cords

I moved into my 1955 bungalow just over a year ago, and I am slowly making the inside and outside more to my taste.  This means that the budget is stretched, especially when it comes to outdoor decor.  But I have one nice spot that I like to call my own, and on one side of this patio is the back wall of an ugly shed. 

After much consideration and research I have decided that I am going to purchase a solar wall fountain to not only disguise a boring and ugly wall but to add beauty and running water to a spot that would be very difficult to run power to.  I will then add some form of a trellis and grow potted vines up the wall.  This will make the wall look like a focal feature instead of trying to hide it.

I didn’t realize until after doing some research for other garden and patio ideas that you could even get solar wall fountains.  I knew you could get small ornaments and water features for out in the garden, but I never considered the fact that you could get solar powered for the wall.

Now my only concern was that this area has a fair bit of shade, but these wall fountains have solar panels that can be placed out in the sun to absorb power away from the fountain, and will absorb enough to run even while in the shade.  I love the sound of moving water, and was quite excited to find these, as traditional fountains are expensive, heavy, and need electrical power to run them.

I have seen a few around town but I have seen the largest variety online.  I have picked out two that are my favourite, and hopefully I may just see one of these appear (maybe for my birthday? hint hint!).  I like both of these styles, as one is more traditional and old world looking and the other chic, trendy and more modern.  I like both styles.  Maybe there is another wall I could decorate?


Dolphin Solar Wall Fountain With Lights

Dolphin Solar Wall Fountain

I love dolphins and was drawn to this fountain, as I thought it would look good on my older wall with vines around it.  It would definitely match my space and it is created from polyresin, which is also UV resistant so it won’t fade.  This one is 32 inches tall by 20 inches wide and is not heavy like the concrete alternatives. 

This one also can light up for the evenings which I think looks really nice and to hear that nice soft trickle of water and knowing I didn’t have to dig up anything to run cable is a big bonus.

Wall Mounted Solar Cascade Wall Fountain

I really like the look of this one too.  The water is drawn up from the bottom bowl (once the pump is up to full power from the solar panel) and it pours through the other containers.  This one looks more trendy and chic and it would dress up my wall too.  I would plant flowering vines around it for added interest and to create a living wall effect.

Cascade Solar Wall Fountain

So, if you have a wall that is not very pretty and maybe resorted to parking the barbeque there or have thrown a trellis up against it, then why not consider the solar wall fountain idea?  These are such an easy way to dress up any space, and would work great in a rented space also as you would not be doing permanent damage to install it.  They can be moved around and look wonderful.

So, if you love the idea of moving water, especially under solar power there are many ideas for your garden, such as the solar bird bath fountain to keep water clean and fresh and you can also create quick privacy in your space with outdoor privacy screens for decks  Create your oasis quickly with the sounds of water for relaxation with a solar wall fountain.  I am hoping to see one of these appear soon in my garden!

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