News Use Earth911 to Find Recycling Centers

Use Earth911 to Find Recycling Centers


When your old cell phone won’t hold a charge or your TV has bit the dust, the responsible thing to do is recycle your electronics. Instead of dumping these electronics in the trash can or dumpster, find recycling centers easily with Earth911. You can also use Earth911 to learn facts about recycling.

Earth911 Facts’s mission statement follows:

Earth911 is an environmental services company that addresses solutions for products’ end-of-life for both businesses and consumers.

This means that when you visit, you will be able to find recycling centers for all of your dead electronics. Even if the old cell phone isn’t quite done yet, you can recycle it to keep the metals out of landfills.

Search Earth911’s easy-to-use search bars by entering the item you want to recycle and your zip code. A list of relevant recycling centers will appear. Some of these might surprise you. Did you know Sears recycles old cell phones, for instance?

Facts About Recycling

We all throw away things everyday that can be recycled, reused, and repurposed. Did you know the following items can (and should) be recycled?

– Paint: Old house paint that you’re not going to use can be recycled. Even the cans can be recycled. Keep this dangeous VOC-laden chemical out of landfills with recycling.

– Wine Corks: ReCork America is an organization dedicated to recycling the some 13 billion natural wine corks sold in the United States each year.

– Batteries: Batteries are called those wierd names for a reason. Nickel-Cadmum batteries contain, you guessed it, nickel and cadmium. By finding recycling centers, you can help keep more heavy metals like these out of landfills. Search Earth911’s Web site to find out where to recycle all of your batteries.

– Human Hair: Oh yeah, even hair can be recycled. It can be composted and used as natural fertilizer or used to soak up oil, like in the recent Gulf oil spill.

Recycling to Reduce Waste

Consider spending an hour or so at to find out what you can recycle that you normally toss in the trash. You’re sure to be surprised. Even those peanut butter and mayonnaise jars that you can’t get 100 percent clean are fine for recycling. Often we think of recycling large appliances, which is great. But something as small as crayons can be recycled by being donated to schools for art projects. The Web site is easy to use and you’re sure to figure out a way to make Mother Nature happy.


Use Earth911 to Find Recycling Centers
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