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Use of Best Quality Fabric in Manufacturing Medical Scrubs

Medical and Nursing Scrubs play a vital role in the life of doctors, surgeons and medical personnel. They have an enormous number of advantages that one can simply not overlook. From reducing the transfer of bacteria and infection, to the comfort and durability scrubs are the first preference in clothing for doctors around the globe.

Back in the 1970’s, when the concept of scrubs came into existence, scrubs were usually made of very poor quality fabric. The fabric had threads sticking out, they were not durable and could definitely not withstand multiple washings. Initially, scrubs were white colored gowns or aprons worn by doctors while performing surgeries. However, this form of scrubs could not maintain its position. The reason being that it put a great amount of strain on the eyes of doctors and the blood of the patients on the white coats after surgeries seemed pretty disturbing to the visitors/patients. Hence the revolution of green scrubs evolved. With time this form of scrubs also started wearing out with the introduction of multi colored and printed scrubs. As time passed, the quality of scrubs also increased in terms of the materials used. This enormous collection of scrubs is available at Nursing Scrubs Los Angeles. They provide a high quality and trendy collection of scrubs.

Let us now discuss the types of fabrics used in the manufacture of scrubs. There are basically three main types of fabrics used. One is Cotton, Second is Polyester and the Third is a Cotton-polyester combination. Some scrubs are also made of synthetic fabrics such as rayon and spandex, although this is very rare.

Scrubs that are constructed with 100 percent cotton have their pros and cons. All cotton scrubs have an edge over the other materials in that they are soft, comfortable, durable and easily washable. There is no chance of seeing through and cotton made scrubs are totally un-revealing. However, the cotton scrubs are generally more expensive than the polyester material. They also take long hours to dry and are more prone to wrinkle, hence requiring proper ironing. For those of you who have less time to waste managing and maintaining attire, 100 percent cotton scrubs are not recommended.

Polyester scrubs are attractive to most people due to their affordability, stretching ability, quick drying and resistance to wrinkles. 100 percent Polyester scrubs are overall low maintenance. The important thing to be kept in mind while ironing such clothes is to set the iron to minimal heating because high heats can melt this synthetic material.

The most common form of scrubs used by nurses and medical personnel today is the cotton-polyester synthetic material. They are the most affordable, wrinkle free, quick drying and hassle-free clothes. However, great care must be taken while handling such material, especially during ironing. The heat of the iron should be kept at minimal low temperature, since high temperatures can cause the synthetic polyester to burn.

A doctor, surgeon, nurse or any other healthcare worker has multiple choice in the type, colors, designs and prints of scrubs. The use of proper fabric must be carefully considered before buying all scrub product. You can find all these products in different materials at Scrubs Inc online shopping stores.

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