Use of FASTest D4T Bovine diagnostic tests to detect Bovine Coronovirus (BCV)

Bovine Coronovirus or (BVC) can run rampant and have devastating consequences to your cattle herd in a very quick fashion. Detection of Bovine Coronovirus in a fast and accurate manner is of the utmost importance in order to begin quick and effective treatment. Before your heard suffers serious consequences.

Bovine Coronovirus can and does affect both calves as well as adult cattle. BVC also seems to strike hardest in the winter months when cattle herds are housed in close proximity to one and other. The virus is typically spread through respiratory secretion transmission or through fecal matter.
Calves are typically hardest hit by BVC. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways. It can be respiratory or even its presentation. Calves will typically show signs of diarrhea, dehydration, depression, anorexia and reduced weight gain. When bovine corona virus presents as a respiratory infection you will see a very serious, purulent nasal discharge.

Adult cattle of the herd can also be affected by BCV. This typically shows up as Winter Dysentery. This usually affects housed cattle in the winter time. Profuse diarrhoea and a significant drop in milk production are clinical signs of infection.

Quick diagnosis and treatment is necessary because the Bovine Corona Virus spreads so quickly. Use of FASTest D4T Bovine diagnostic tests to detect Bovine Coronovirus (BCV) is recommended. This test as the name implies is fast and easy to use. It is very important to diagnose the virus in your herd as early as possible. The virus is quite easily spread and treatment is most ideally begun within 24 hours of the onset of diarrhoea. In order for treatment to be successful it is very highly recommended that your whole herd to be tested, whether symptomatic or not.

The FASTest D4T Bovine diagnostic test is easy for you to use. The sample you use for testing is faeces. The FASTest D4T Bovine diagnostic test is a simple and easy to use, In other words, this is a simple test strip. It is strongly suggested that your whole herd be tested for the presence of Bovine Coronovirus due to its prevalence. The test can detect Bovine Corona Virus definitively and it is very cost effective and definitive.

The old method of detection consisted of a microscopic survey of a diarrhoea sample. This sample was then visually surveyed for the zoo pathogenic organism that is the cause of Bovine Coronovirus, specifically Cryptosporidium parvum, Escherichia coli-K99 (F5) and Rotavirus. Previously it took having the organism in its whole complete form in order to detect it using microscopic survey method, the test strips make detection, especially early and definitive detection easy. The test strips only need partial pieces of the pathogen to detect its presence. There is also a control panel on the strip in order to assure you. The user. That the test has worked and the diagnosis is a correct one. Once you do obtain a positive treatment should begin at once. Not only is early detection of Bovine Corona Virus important using the FASTest D4T Bovine diagnostic test but prevention of Bovine Coronovirus from spreading and infection of non-infected individuals now becomes the farmer’s top priority, Isolation of infected or non-infected individuals is usually not possible so special attention must be paid to cleanliness and hygiene. Remember early detection is also the key component to alleviating the spread of Bovine Coronovirus. Early and definitive detection is best made with the FASTest D4T Bovine diagnostic test. And, for all your needs regarding veterinary equipment in the UK, Vetlab Supplies Ltd. is the ultimate destination.